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Neural networks for modelling and control of dynamic systems: A practitioner's handbook
M Nørgaard, O Ravn, NK Poulsen, LK Hansen
Springer Verlag
New developments in state estimation for nonlinear systems
M Nørgaard, NK Poulsen, O Ravn
Automatica 36 (11), 1627-1638
Incorporation of time delayed measurements in a discrete-time Kalman filter
TD Larsen, NA Andersen, O Ravn, NK Poulsen
Decision and Control, 1998. Proceedings of the 37th IEEE Conference on 4 ...
Implementation of neural network based non-linear predictive control
PH Sørensen, M Nørgaard, O Ravn, NK Poulsen
Neurocomputing 28 (1), 37-51
Location estimation for an autonomously guided vehicle using an augmented Kalman filter to autocalibrate the odometry
TD Larsen, M Bak, NA Andersen, O Ravn
FUSION98 Spie Conference
Design of Kalman filters for mobile robots; evaluation of the kinematic and odometric approach
TD Larsen, KL Hansen, NA Andersen, O Ravn
Control Applications, 1999. Proceedings of the 1999 IEEE International ...
NNSYSID and NNCTRL tools for system identification and control with neural networks
M Norgaard, O Ravn, NK Poulsen
Computing & Control Engineering Journal 12 (1), 29-36
Networks for modelling and control of dynamic systems
M Norgard, O Ravn, N Poulsen, L Hansen
Springer, London
Intelligent predictive control of nonlinear processes using neural networks
M Norgaard, PH Sorensen, NK Poulsen, O Ravn, LK Hansen
Intelligent Control, 1996., Proceedings of the 1996 IEEE International ...
NNSYSID-Toolbox for system identification with Neural Networks
M Nørgaard, O Ravn
Mathematical and Computer Modelling of Dynamical Systems 8 (1), 1-20
Traversable terrain classification for outdoor autonomous robots using single 2D laser scans
JC Andersen, MR Blas, O Ravn, NA Andersen, M Blanke
Integrated Computer-aided engineering 13 (3), 223-232
Real-time vision based control of servomechanical systems
NA Andersen, O Ravn, AT Sørensen
Experimental Robotics II, 388-402
Path following mobile robot in the presence of velocity constraints
M Bak, NK Poulsen, O Ravn
Location estimation using delayed measurements
M Bak, TD Larsen, M Norgaard, NA Andersen, NK Poulsen, O Ravn
Advanced Motion Control, 1998. AMC'98-Coimbra., 1998 5th International ...
Auto-calibration in automation systems using vision
O Ravn, NA Andersen, AT Sørensen
Experimental robotics III, 206-218
Safe and reliable: further development of a field robot
HW Griepentrog, NA Andersen, JC Andersen, M Blanke, O Heinemann, ...
Proceedings 7th European Conference on Precision Agriculture (ECPA)(ed van ...
Mobile robot navigation in a corridor using visual odometry
E Bayramoglu, NA Andersen, NK Poulsen, JC Andersen, O Ravn
Advanced Robotics, 2009. ICAR 2009. International Conference on, 1-6
Vision assisted laser scanner navigation for autonomous robots
JC Andersen, NA Andersen, O Ravn
Experimental Robotics, 111-120
Multilayer controller for outdoor vehicle
A Reske-Nielsen, A Mejnertsen, NA Andersen, O Ravn, M Nørremark, ...
Zonn: Automation Technology for Off-Road Equipment Bonn, Germany 1, 41-49
Adaptive control using the adaptive toolbox-TAT for Scilab/Scicos
O Ravn
System Identification 14 (1), 915-918
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