Reza Aalizadeh
Reza Aalizadeh
Postdoc at Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Athens
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Citeret af
Extended suspect and non-target strategies to characterize emerging polar organic contaminants in raw wastewater with LC-HRMS/MS
P Gago-Ferrero, EL Schymanski, AA Bletsou, R Aalizadeh, J Hollender, ...
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M Ibáñez, V Borova, C Boix, R Aalizadeh, R Bade, NS Thomaidis, ...
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R Aalizadeh, MC Nika, NS Thomaidis
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Wide-scope target screening of> 2000 emerging contaminants in wastewater samples with UPLC-Q-ToF-HRMS/MS and smart evaluation of its performance through the validation of 195 …
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NORMAN digital sample freezing platform: A European virtual platform to exchange liquid chromatography high resolution-mass spectrometry data and screen suspects in “digitally …
NA Alygizakis, P Oswald, NS Thomaidis, EL Schymanski, R Aalizadeh, ...
TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry 115, 129-137, 2019
The strength in numbers: comprehensive characterization of house dust using complementary mass spectrometric techniques
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Prediction of acute toxicity of emerging contaminants on the water flea Daphnia magna by Ant Colony Optimization–Support Vector Machine QSTR models
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NP Kalogiouri, R Aalizadeh, NS Thomaidis
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2D and 3D quantitative structure–activity relationship study of hepatitis C virus NS5B polymerase inhibitors by comparative molecular field analysis and comparative molecular …
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Investigating the organic and conventional production type of olive oil with target and suspect screening by LC-QTOF-MS, a novel semi-quantification method using chemical …
NP Kalogiouri, R Aalizadeh, NS Thomaidis
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 409 (23), 5413-5426, 2017
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Wide-scope target and suspect screening methodologies to investigate the occurrence of new psychoactive substances in influent wastewater from Athens
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QSAR study of IKKβ inhibitors by the genetic algorithm: multiple linear regressions
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