Ben (Abdollah) Jarihani
Ben (Abdollah) Jarihani
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Satellite-derived Digital Elevation Model (DEM) selection, preparation and correction for hydrodynamic modelling in large, low-gradient and data-sparse catchments
AA Jarihani, JN Callow, TR McVicar, TG Van Niel, JR Larsen
Journal of Hydrology 524, 489-506, 2015
Blending Landsat and MODIS data to generate multispectral indices: A comparison of “Index-then-Blend” and “Blend-then-Index” approaches
A Jarihani, T McVicar, T Van Niel, I Emelyanova, J Callow, K Johansen
Remote Sensing 6 (10), 9213-9238, 2014
Evaluation of multiple satellite altimetry data for studying inland water bodies and river floods
AA Jarihani, JN Callow, K Johansen, B Gouweleeuw
Journal of Hydrology 505, 78-90, 2013
Where does all the water go? Partitioning water transmission losses in a data-sparse, multi-channel and low-gradient dryland river system using modelling and remote sensing
AA Jarihani, JR Larsen, JN Callow, TR McVicar, K Johansen
Journal of Hydrology 529, 1511-1529, 2015
Hydrogeomorphic processes and scaling issues in the continuum from soil pedons to catchments
RC Sidle, T Gomi, JCL Usuga, B Jarihani
Earth-Science Reviews 175, 75-96, 2017
Assessment of UAV and ground-based structure from motion with multi-view stereo photogrammetry in a gullied savanna catchment
J Koci, B Jarihani, JX Leon, R Sidle, S Wilkinson, R Bartley
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 6 (11), 328, 2017
Characterisation of hydrological response to rainfall at multi spatio-temporal scales in savannas of semi-arid Australia
B Jarihani, R Sidle, R Bartley, C Roth, S Wilkinson
Water 9 (7), 540, 2017
Twenty-three Unsolved Problems in Hydrology (UPH)–a community perspective
G Blöschl, MFP Bierkens, A Chambel, C Cudennec, G Destouni, A Fiori, ...
Hydrological Sciences Journal, 2019
When is migration a maladaptive response to climate change?
C Jacobson, S Crevello, C Chea, B Jarihani
Regional Environmental Change, 1-12, 2018
When is migration a maladaptive response to climate change?
J Chris, C Stacy, C Chanthan, J Ben
Regional Environment Change, 1-12, 2018
Strengths and Limitations of UAV and Ground-based Structure from Motion Photogrammetry in a Gullied Savanna Catchment
J Koci, JX Leon, B Jarihani, RC Sidle, SN Wilkinson, R Bartley
Preprints, 2017
Monitoring of vegetation condition using the NDVI/ENSO anomalies in Central Asia and their relationships with ONI (very strong) phases
D Aralova, K Toderich, B Jarihani, D Gafurov, L Gismatulina
Earth Resources and Environmental Remote Sensing/GIS Applications VII 10005 …, 2016
Rainfall-runoff modelling using hydrological connectivity index and artificial neural network approach
H Asadi, K Shahedi, B Jarihani, RC Sidle
Water 11 (2), 212, 2019
Hydrogeomorphic processes affecting dryland gully erosion: Implications for modelling
RC Sidle, B Jarihani, SLI Kaka, J Koci, A Al-Shaibani
Progress in Physical Geography: Earth and Environment 43 (1), 46-64, 2019
Environmental resilience of rangeland ecosystems: assessment drought indices and vegetation trends on arid and semi-arid zones of Central Asia
D Aralova, K Toderich, B Jarihani, D Gafurov, L Gismatulina, ...
Earth Resources and Environmental Remote Sensing/GIS Applications VII 10005 …, 2016
Linking hydrological connectivity to gully erosion in savanna rangelands tributary to the Great Barrier Reef using Structure‐from‐Motion photogrammetry
J Koci, RC Sidle, B Jarihani, MJ Cashman
Land Degradation & Development, 2019
Assessing Rainfall Variability and Runoff Characteristics in the Weany Creek Catchment, Queensland, Australia
C Sayers, B Jarihani, R Sidle, R Bartley, C Roth
EGU, 2018
Distributed Modelling of Stormflow Generation: Assessing the Effect of Ground Cover
B Jarihani, R Sidle, C Roth, R Bartley, S Wilkinson
EGU, 2018
The role of roads and trails as hydrological conduits contributing to gully erosion in the dry savannas: evidence from high resolution DEMs
R Sidle, B Jarihani
EGU, 2018
Integration of UAV and ground-based Structure from Motion with Multi-View Stereo photogrammetry and hydrological data to quantify hillslope gully erosion processes in tropical …
J Koci, B Jarihani, RC Sidle, SN Wilkinson, R Bartley
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 2017
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