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Behafarid Ghalandari
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Spectroscopic and theoretical investigation of oxali–palladium interactions with β-lactoglobulin
B Ghalandari, A Divsalar, AA Saboury, T Haertlé, K Parivar, R Bazl, ...
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 118 …, 2014
Multimodal cancer cell therapy using Au@ Fe2O3 core–shell nanoparticles in combination with photo-thermo-radiotherapy
V Hosseini, M Mirrahimi, A Shakeri-Zadeh, F Koosha, B Ghalandari, ...
Photodiagnosis and photodynamic therapy 24, 129-135, 2018
β-Lactoglobulin: An efficient nanocarrier for advanced delivery systems
Z Shafaei, B Ghalandari, A Vaseghi, A Divsalar, T Haertlé, AA Saboury, ...
Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine 13 (5), 1685-1692, 2017
Probing of the interaction between β-lactoglobulin and the anticancer drug oxaliplatin
B Ghalandari, A Divsalar, M Eslami-Moghadam, AA Saboury, T Haertlé, ...
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 175, 974-987, 2015
Inhibitory effects of deferasirox on the structure and function of bovine liver catalase: a spectroscopic and theoretical study
M Moradi, A Divsalar, AA Saboury, B Ghalandari, AR Harifi
Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 33 (10), 2255-2266, 2015
Gold nanoparticles promote a multimodal synergistic cancer therapy strategy by co-delivery of thermo-chemo-radio therapy
Z Alamzadeh, J Beik, M Mirrahimi, A Shakeri-Zadeh, F Ebrahimi, ...
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 145, 105235, 2020
Theoretical investigation of carbon nanotube Binding to DNA in View of Drug Delivery
B Ghalandari, M Monajjemi, F Mollaamin
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience 8 (7), 1212-1219, 2011
Probing the biological evaluations of a new designed Pt (II) complex using spectroscopic and theoretical approaches: Human hemoglobin as a target
O Abazari, Z Shafaei, A Divsalar, M Eslami-Moghadam, B Ghalandari, ...
Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 34 (5), 1123-1131, 2016
β-Lactoglobulin nanoparticle as a chemotherapy agent carrier for oral drug delivery system
B Ghalandari, A Divsalar, AA Saboury, K Parivar
Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society 12, 613-619, 2015
Selective apoptosis induction in cancer cells using folate-conjugated gold nanoparticles and controlling the laser irradiation conditions
E Zeinizade, M Tabei, A Shakeri-Zadeh, H Ghaznavi, N Attaran, A Komeili, ...
Artificial cells, nanomedicine, and biotechnology 46 (sup1), 1026-1038, 2018
Protective effects of aspirin on the function of bovine liver catalase: A spectroscopy and molecular docking study
B Koohshekan, A Divsalar, M Saiedifar, AA Saboury, B Ghalandari, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 218, 8-15, 2016
In vitro study on the alterations of brain tubulin structure and assembly affected by magnetite nanoparticles
A Dadras, GH Riazi, A Afrasiabi, A Naghshineh, B Ghalandari, F Mokhtari
JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 18, 357-369, 2013
Tuning the biomimetic behavior of hybrid scaffolds for bone tissue engineering through surface modifications and drug immobilization
F Ghorbani, B Ghalandari, M Sahranavard, A Zamanian, MN Collins
Materials Science and Engineering: c 130, 112434, 2021
The new insight into oral drug delivery system based on metal drugs in colon cancer therapy through β-lactoglobulin/oxali-palladium nanocapsules
B Ghalandari, A Divsalar, AA Saboury, K Parivar
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 140, 255-265, 2014
Protein-based hydrogels: promising materials for tissue engineering
N Davari, N Bakhtiary, M Khajehmohammadi, S Sarkari, H Tolabi, ...
Polymers 14 (5), 986, 2022
Interaction of the synthesized anticancer compound of the methyl-glycine 1, 10-phenanthroline platinum nitrate with human serum albumin and human hemoglobin proteins by …
O Abazari, Z Shafaei, A Divsalar, M Eslami-Moghadam, B Ghalandari, ...
Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society 17, 1601-1614, 2020
A turn-on fluorescence sensor based on Cu2+ modulated DNA-templated silver nanoclusters for glyphosate detection and mechanism investigation
Y Yang, B Ghalandari, L Lin, X Sang, W Su, A Divsalar, X Ding
Food Chemistry, 130617, 2022
Hairpin‐spacer crRNA‐enhanced CRISPR/Cas13a system promotes the specificity of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) identification
Y Ke, S Huang, B Ghalandari, S Li, AR Warden, J Dang, L Kang, Y Zhang, ...
Advanced Science 8 (6), 2003611, 2021
Immobilization of carboxymethyl chitosan/laponite on polycaprolactone nanofibers as osteoinductive bone scaffolds
S Arab‐Ahmadi, S Irani, H Bakhshi, F Atyabi, B Ghalandari
Polymers for Advanced Technologies 32 (2), 755-765, 2021
Microtubule network as a potential candidate for targeting by gold nanoparticle-assisted photothermal therapy
B Ghalandari, K Asadollahi, A Shakerizadeh, A Komeili, G Riazi, ...
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 192, 131-140, 2019
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