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Giacomo Corleone
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Eleven grand challenges in single-cell data science
D Lähnemann, J Köster, E Szczurek, DJ McCarthy, SC Hicks, ...
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KEAP1-driven co-mutations in lung adenocarcinoma unresponsive to immunotherapy despite high tumor mutational burden
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Small extracellular vesicles deliver miR-21 and miR-217 as pro-senescence effectors to endothelial cells
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Acquired CYP19A1 amplification is an early specific mechanism of aromatase inhibitor resistance in ERα metastatic breast cancer
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Type I IFNs promote cancer cell stemness by triggering the epigenetic regulator KDM1B
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Large-scale profiling of signalling pathways reveals an asthma specific signature in bronchial smooth muscle cells
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B4GALT1 is a new candidate to maintain the stemness of lung cancer stem cells
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Che-1/AATF-induced transcriptionally active chromatin promotes cell proliferation in multiple myeloma
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AATF/Che‐1 localizes to paraspeckles and suppresses R‐loops accumulation and interferon activation in Multiple Myeloma
T Bruno, G Corleone, V Catena, C Cortile, F De Nicola, F Fabretti, ...
The EMBO Journal 41 (22), e109711, 2022
Adhesion-mediated multiple myeloma (MM) disease progression: junctional adhesion molecule a enhances angiogenesis and multiple myeloma dissemination and predicts poor survival
AG Solimando, MC Da Via, P Leone, G Croci, P Borrelli, PT Gaviria, ...
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The long non-coding RNA NEAT1 is a ΔNp63 target gene modulating epidermal differentiation
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Chromatin immunoprecipitation and high-throughput sequencing (ChIP-Seq): tips and tricks regarding the laboratory protocol and initial downstream data analysis
DK Patten, G Corleone, L Magnani
Epigenome Editing: Methods and Protocols, 271-288, 2018
Dissecting the Epigenome Driving Drug Resistance by ATAC-SeqChromatinATAC-Seq
F de Nicola, G Corleone, F Goeman
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GeDi: applying suffix arrays to increase the repertoire of detectable SNVs in tumour genomes
I Coleman, G Corleone, J Arram, HC Ng, L Magnani, W Luk
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Che-1/miR-590-3p/TAZ axis sustains multiple myeloma disease
T Bruno, V Catena, G Corleone, C Cortile, MC Cappelletto, B Bellei, ...
Leukemia, 1-6, 2024
Deciphering Mutational Signature Dynamics in Hormone-Sensitive Breast Cancer During Treatment Adaptation.
L Magnani, D Ivanoiu, D Rosano, E Sofyali, C James, G Cresswell, ...
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