Chrisphine Nyamweya
Chrisphine Nyamweya
Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute
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Management of Lake Victoria fishery: are we looking for easy solutions?
M Njiru, M Van der Knaap, A Taabu-Munyaho, CS Nyamweya, ...
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C Nyamweya, E Sturludottir, T Tomasson, EA Fulton, A Taabu-Munyaho, ...
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Consequences of calamities and their management: The case of COVID-19 pandemic and flooding on inland capture fisheries in Kenya
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Substitution of fish meal with sunflower seed meal in diets for Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) reared in earthen ponds
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Increase in anoxia in Lake Victoria and its effects on the fishery
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Lake Victoria fisheries: Outlook and management
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Checking the pulse of the major commercial fisheries of Lake Victoria Kenya, for sustainable management
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A century of drastic change: Human-induced changes of Lake Victoria fisheries and ecology
CS Nyamweya, V Natugonza, A Taabu-Munyaho, CM Aura, JM Njiru, ...
Fisheries Research 230, 105564, 2020
Using fish landing sites and markets information towards quantification of the blue economy to enhance fisheries management
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Prediction of Lake Victoria's response to varied fishing regimes using the Atlantis ecosystem model
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Fisheries Research 194, 76-83, 2017
Spatial and temporal differences in life history parameters of Rastrineobola argentea (Pellegrin, 1904) in the Lake Victoria basin in relation to fishing intensity
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Application of phytoplankton community structure for ranking the major riverine catchments influencing the pollution status of a lake basin
CM Aura, C Odoli, CS Nyamweya, JM Njiru, S Musa, JB Miruka, MO Owili, ...
Lakes & Reservoirs: Research & Management 25 (1), 3-17, 2020
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