Guillaume Drillet
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G Drillet, S Frouël, MH Sichlau, PM Jepsen, JK Højgaard, AK Joarder, ...
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Economic Feasibility of Copepod Production for Commercial use: Result from a prototype Production Facility
TG Abate, R Nielsen, M Nielsen, G Drillet, PM Jepsen, BW Hansen
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G Drillet, LC Lindley, A Michels, J Wilcox, NH Marcus
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Do Acartia tonsa (Dana) eggs regulate their volume and osmolality as salinity changes?
BW Hansen, G Drillet, MF Pedersen, KP Sjøgreen, B Vismann
Journal of Comparative Physiology B 182 (5), 613-623, 2012
Trophic interactions and productivity of copepods as live feed from tropical Taiwanese outdoor aquaculture ponds
E Blanda, G Drillet, CC Huang, JS Hwang, HH Jakobsen, TA Rayner, ...
Aquaculture 445, 11-21, 2015
Effects of temperature on type approval testing of ballast water treatment systems
G Drillet, C Schmoker, A Trottet, MS Mahjoub, M Duchemin, M Andersen
Integrated environmental assessment and management 9 (2), 192-195, 2013
Production, hatching success and surface ornamentation of eggs of calanoid copepods during a winter at 57 N
BW Hansen, G Drillet, RM Kristensen, TF Sørensen, MT Tøttrup
Marine biology 157 (1), 59-68, 2010
Effects of eutrophication on the planktonic food web dynamics of marine coastal ecosystems: The case study of two tropical inlets
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Marine environmental research 119, 176-188, 2016
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G Drillet, M Rais, A Novac, PM Jepsen, MS Mahjoub, BW Hansen
Aquaculture Research 46 (12), 3028-3039, 2015
Embryonic cold storage capability from seven strains of Acartia spp. isolated in different geographical areas
BW Hansen, I Buttino, ME Cunha, G Drillet
Aquaculture 457, 131-139, 2016
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G Drillet, R Maguet, MS Mahjoub, F Roullier, MJ Fielding
Aquaculture international 22 (4), 1295-1306, 2014
Non-proportional bioaccumulation of trace metals and metalloids in the planktonic food web of two Singapore coastal marine inlets with contrasting water residence times
A Calbet, C Schmoker, F Russo, A Trottet, MS Mahjoub, O Larsen, ...
Science of the Total Environment 560, 284-294, 2016
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