Sonia Tarnawski
Sonia Tarnawski
Environmental microbiologist
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Statistical analysis of denaturing gel electrophoresis (DGE) fingerprinting patterns
N Fromin, J Hamelin, S Tarnawski, D Roesti, K Jourdain‐Miserez, ...
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From environmental sequences to morphology: observation and characterisation of a paulinellid testate amoeba (Micropyxidiella edaphonis gen. nov. sp. nov. Euglyphida …
SE Tarnawski, E Lara
Protist 166 (2), 264-270, 2015
Validation of an integrative methodology to assess and monitor reductive dechlorination of chlorinated ethenes in contaminated aquifers
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Screening of the bacterial reductive dechlorination potential of chlorinated ethenes in contaminatedaquifers-A technical assistance manual for assessment of natural attenuation …
SE Tarnawski, P Rossi, C Holliger
Réponse des populations de" Pseudomonas" à une augmentation de la concentration de CO2 atmosphérique dans la rhizosphère de" Lolium perenne" et" Molinia coerulea"
S Tarnawski
Université de Neuchâtel, 2004
Earthworm, mycorrhiza and root interactions: their effects on some chemical, physical and biological soil properties
R Kohler-Milleret, C Le Bayon, S Tarnawski, P Boivin, JM Gobat
Earthworm, mycorrhiza and root interactions: their effects on some chemical, physical and biological soil properties
R Milleret, RC Le Bayon, S Tarnawski, P Boivin, JM Gobat
Bulletin de la Société Suisse de Pédologie 30, 81-83, 2010
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A Nguyen-Queyrens, S Tarnawski, E Ceschia
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Une approche intégrée pour évaluer et surveiller la déchloration réductive d'éthènes chlorés dans des aquifères contaminés–Evaluation de la traitabilité et surveillance d'un site
SE Tarnawski, P Rossi, C Holliger
Quatrièmes Rencontres nationales de la Recherche sur les sites et sols pollués, 2019
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