Thierry Houehanou
Thierry Houehanou
Laboratoire d'Ecologie de Botanique et de Biologie Végétale, University of Parakou
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Valuation of local preferred uses and traditional ecological knowledge in relation to three multipurpose tree species in Benin (West Africa)
TD Houehanou, AE Assogbadjo, RG Kakaï, M Houinato, B Sinsin
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C Dadjo, AE Assogbadjo, B Fandohan, RG Kakaï, S Chakeredza, ...
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Effect of human disturbance and climatic variability on the population structure of Afzelia africana Sm. ex pers.(Fabaceae–Caesalpinioideae) at country broad-scale (Bénin, West …
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Prioritization of useful medicinal tree species for conservation in Wari-Maro Forest Reserve in Benin: A multivariate analysis approach
AS Yaoitcha, TD Houehanou, AB Fandohan, MRB Houinato
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Diversité, priorité pastorale et de conservation des ligneux fourragers des terres de parcours en zone soudano-guinéenne du Bénin
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Base, 2016
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Change in the woody floristic composition, diversity and structure from protected to unprotected savannahs in P endjari B iosphere R eserve (B enin, W est A frica)
TD Houehanou, RL Glèlè Kakaï, AE Assogbadjo, V Kindomihou, ...
African Journal of Ecology 51 (2), 358-365, 2013
Effectiveness of conservation areas in protecting Shea trees against hemiparasitic plants (Loranthaceae) in Benin, West Africa
TD Houehanou, V Kindomihou, B Sinsin
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Elephant‐induced damage drives spatial isolation of the dioecious palm Borassus aethiopum Mart. (Arecaceae) in the Pendjari National Park, Benin
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African Journal of Ecology 54 (1), 9-19, 2016
Gestion pastorale et structure des terroirs agricoles dans la périphérie de la Djona (Nord-Est Bénin)
TD Houehanou, M Houinato, C Adandedjan, AB Gbangboche, ...
International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences 2 (4), 497-507, 2008
Predicting the potential impact of climate change on the declining agroforestry species Borassus aethiopum Mart. in Benin: A mixture of geostatistical and SDM approach
VK Salako, R Vihotogbé, T Houéhanou, IA Sodé, R Glèlè Kakaï
Agroforestry Systems 93 (4), 1513-1530, 2019
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CC Ahoyo, TD Houehanou, AS Yaoitcha, K Prinz, RG Kakai, BA Sinsin, ...
Journal of Ethnopharmacology 265, 113417, 2021
Patterns of elephant utilization of Borassus aethiopum Mart. and its stand structure in the Pendjari National Park, Benin, West Africa.
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S Mensah, TD Houehanou, AE Assogbadjo, KA Anyomi, A Ouedraogo, ...
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Perception Paysanne Des Effets Du Changement Climatique Sur La Production Des Noix D'anacardier (Anacardium Occidentale L.) Dans La Commune De Savalou Au Bénin
YA Tchétangni, AE Assogbadjo, T Houéhanou, DO Bello
European Scientific Journal 12 (14), 2016
Variation of Loranthaceae impact on Vitellaria paradoxa CF Gaertn. fruit yield in contrasting habitats and implications for its conservation
TD Houehanou, V Kindomihou, T Stevart, B Tente, M Houinato, B Sinsin
Fruits 68 (2), 109-120, 2013
Morphological trait variation and relationships of Afzelia africana Sm. caused by climatic conditions and anthropogenic disturbance in Benin (West Africa)
TD Houehanou, K Prinz, F Hellwig, AE Assogbadjo, J Gebauer, ...
Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 66 (5), 1091-1105, 2019
Variation in Hyphaene thebaica Mart. fruit: physical characteristics and factors affecting seed germination and seedling growth in Benin (West Africa)
R Idohou, AE Assogbadjo, T Houehanou, RG Kakaï, C Agbangla
The Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology 90 (3), 291-296, 2015
Population structure of Pterocarpus erinaceus Poir. across a protection gradient in Sudanian savannahs of Togo, West Africa
T Banla, TD Houehanou, MK Savi, R Idohou, R Glèlè Kakaï, K Kokou
African Journal of Ecology 57 (1), 104-112, 2019
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