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Structure of a flavonoid glucosyltransferase reveals the basis for plant natural product modification
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Cloning and characterization of vitis viniferaUDP-Glucose: flavonoid 3-O-glucosyltransferase, a homologue of the enzyme encoded by the maize bronze-1Locus that may primarily …
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The relationship between the expression of abscisic acid biosynthesis genes, accumulation of abscisic acid and the promotion of Vitis vinifera L. berry ripening by …
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A grapevine anthocyanin acyltransferase, transcriptionally regulated by VvMYBA, can produce most acylated anthocyanins present in grape skins
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Rapid and informative assays for Yd2, the barley yellow dwarf virus resistance gene, based on the nucleotide sequence of a closely linked gene
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Survey of enzyme activity responsible for phenolic off-flavour production by Dekkera and Brettanomyces yeast
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Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 81, 1117-1127, 2009
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