Mani Govindasamy, Ph.D
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Core-shell heterostructured multiwalled carbon nanotubes@ reduced graphene oxide nanoribbons/chitosan, a robust nanobiocomposite for enzymatic biosensing of hydrogen peroxide …
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Graphene oxide encapsulated 3D porous chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) nanocomposite as an emerging electrocatalyst for agro-hazardous (methyl paraoxon) detection in vegetables
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A novel electrochemical sensor for determination of DNA damage biomarker (8-hydroxy-2′-deoxyguanosine) in urine using sonochemically derived graphene oxide sheets covered zinc …
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Ultrasound-assisted synthesis of tungsten trioxide entrapped with graphene nanosheets for developing nanomolar electrochemical (hormone) sensor and enhanced sensitivity of the …
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Detection of Pesticide Residues (Fenitrothion) in Fruit Samples Based On Niobium Carbide@ Molybdenum Nanocomposite: An Electrocatalytic Approach
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M Govindasamy, V Mani, SM Chen, T Maiyalagan, TW Chen, SY Lee, ...
RSC Advances 7 (52), 33043-33051, 2017
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