Anders Bergström
Anders Bergström
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Establishment of intestinal microbiota during early life: a longitudinal, explorative study of a large cohort of Danish infants
A Bergström, TH Skov, MI Bahl, HM Roager, LB Christensen, KT Ejlerskov, ...
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Freezing fecal samples prior to DNA extraction affects the Firmicutes to Bacteroidetes ratio determined by downstream quantitative PCR analysis
MI Bahl, A Bergström, TR Licht
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A Bergström, MN Jayatissa, A Mørk, O Wiborg
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Intake of whole apples or clear apple juice has contrasting effects on plasma lipids in healthy volunteers
G Ravn-Haren, LO Dragsted, T Buch-Andersen, EN Jensen, RI Jensen, ...
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N Hadrup, K Loeschner, A Bergström, A Wilcks, X Gao, U Vogel, ...
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Molecular pathways associated with stress resilience and drug resistance in the chronic mild stress rat model of depression—a gene expression study
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Effects of apples and specific apple components on the cecal environment of conventional rats: role of apple pectin
TR Licht, M Hansen, A Bergström, M Poulsen, BN Krath, J Markowski, ...
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Having older siblings is associated with gut microbiota development during early childhood
MF Laursen, G Zachariassen, MI Bahl, A Bergström, A Høst, ...
BMC microbiology 15 (1), 1-9, 2015
Introducing GUt Low-Density Array (GULDA)–a validated approach for qPCR-based intestinal microbial community analysis
A Bergström, TR Licht, A Wilcks, JB Andersen, LR Schmidt, HA Grønlund, ...
FEMS microbiology letters 337 (1), 38-47, 2012
Dietary xylooligosaccharide downregulates IFN-γ and the low-grade inflammatory cytokine IL-1β systemically in mice
CHF Hansen, H Frøkiær, AG Christensen, A Bergström, TR Licht, ...
The Journal of nutrition 143 (4), 533-540, 2013
Nature of bacterial colonization influences transcription of mucin genes in mice during the first week of life
A Bergström, MB Kristensen, MI Bahl, SB Metzdorff, LN Fink, H Frøkiær, ...
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Xylo-oligosaccharides inhibit pathogen adhesion to enterocytes in vitro
T Ebersbach, JB Andersen, A Bergström, RW Hutkins, TR Licht
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Analysis of the intestinal microbiota of oligosaccharide fed mice exhibiting reduced resistance to Salmonella infection
A Petersen, A Bergström, J Andersen, M Hansen, S Lahtinen, A Wilcks, ...
Beneficial Microbes 1 (3), 271-281, 2010
Limited effects of preterm birth and the first enteral nutrition on cerebellum morphology and gene expression in piglets
A Bergström, SS Kaalund, K Skovgaard, AD Andersen, B Pakkenberg, ...
Physiological reports 4 (14), e12871, 2016
Neonatal microbial colonization in mice promotes prolonged dominance of CD11b+Gr‐1+ cells and accelerated establishment of the CD4+ T cell population in …
MB Kristensen, SB Metzdorff, A Bergström, DSM Damlund, LN Fink, ...
Immunity, inflammation and disease 3 (3), 309-320, 2015
Oxygen restriction increases the infection potential of Listeria monocytogenes-a transcriptional analysis.
JB Andersen, A Bergström, GM Knudsen, BB Christensen, M Boye, ...
ISOPOL XVII-International Symposium on pProblems of Listeriosis, 2010
Gut, immunity and brain development is immature in preterm pigs and responsive to different milk diets
K Ryom, AD Andersen, DN Nguyen, A Bergström, K Skovgaard, ...
European Journal of Pediatrics 175 (11), 1517-1518, 2016
The preterm pig as a model of premature infant gait ataxia
A Bergström, K Ryom, CV Hole, AD Andersen, K Skovgaard, ...
10th FENS Forum of Neuroscience 2016, 2016
Neonatal microbial colonization in mice promotes prolonged dominance of CD11b Gr-(broken vertical bar) 11 (broken vertical bar) cells and accelerated establishment of the CD4 …
MB Kristensen, SB Metzdorff, A Bergstrom, DSM Damlund, LN Fink, ...
Older Siblings Affect Gut Microbiota Development in Early Childhood
MF Laursen, G Zachariassen, MI Bahl, A Bergström, A Høst, ...
WAO Symposium on Food Allergy and the Microbiome, 2015
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