Juan F. Vargas
Juan F. Vargas
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Commodity price shocks and civil conflict: Evidence from Colombia
O Dube, JF Vargas
The Review of Economic Studies 80 (4), 1384-1421, 2013
The dynamics of the columbian civil conflict: A new dataset. Homo Oeconomicus, 21, 396-429
J Restrepo, M Spagat, J Vargas
Special data feature; the severity of the Colombian conflict: cross-country datasets versus new micro-data
JA Restrepo, M Spagat, JF Vargas
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True believers, deserters, and traitors: Who leaves insurgent groups and why
B Oppenheim, A Steele, JF Vargas, M Weintraub
Journal of Conflict Resolution 59 (5), 794-823, 2015
El conflicto en Colombia:¿ quién hizo qué a quién? Un enfoque cuantitativo
JA Restrepo, M Spagat, JF Vargas
Nuestra guerra sin nombre: Transformaciones del conflicto en Colombia, 2006
Sunlight disinfects? free media in weak democracies
L Fergusson, JF Vargas, M Vela
Free Media in Weak Democracies (February 18, 2013). Documento CEDE, 2013
Inequidad regional en Colombia
D Cortés, JF Vargas
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Violence and growth in Colombia: A review of the quantitative literature
AJ Riascos, JF Vargas
The Economics of Peace and Security Journal 6 (2), 2011
Hitos del conflicto y riesgo país
A Castañeda, JF Vargas
Costos económicos y sociales del conflicto en Colombia:¿ Cómo construir un …, 2014
The need for enemies
L Fergusson, JA Robinson, R Torvik, JF Vargas
The Economic Journal 126 (593), 1018-1054, 2014
Conflicto interno y crecimiento económico en Colombia
JF Vargas
Bogotá: Tesis peg, Universidad de los Andes, 2003
Military empowerment and civilian targeting in civil war
JF Vargas
Documentos de Trabajo, Facultad de Economía, Universidad del Rosario, 2009
Seguridad Democrática, presencia de la Policía y conflicto en Colombia
D Cortés, JF Vargas, L Hincapié, F María del Rosario
Revista Desarrollo y sociedad, 11-32, 2012
The perils of top-down state building: Evidence from Colombia's false positives
D Acemoglu, L Fergusson, J Robinson, D Romero, JF Vargas
MIT Department of Economics Working Paper, 2016
The persistent Colombian conflict: subnational analysis of the duration of violence
JF Vargas
Defence and Peace Economics 23 (2), 203-223, 2012
The Environmental Impact of Civil Conflict: The Deforestation Effect of Paramilitary Expansion In Colombia
JF Vargas, L Fergusson, D Romero
Universidad del Rosario Documentos de Trabajo, 2014
Vote choice and legacies of violence: evidence from the 2014 Colombian presidential elections
M Weintraub, JF Vargas, TE Flores
Research & Politics 2 (2), 2053168015573348, 2015
The Work of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch: Evidence from Colombia
A Ballesteros, JA Restrepo, M Spagat, JF Vargas
NGO Monitor, 38-51, 2007
Inside the War on Drugs: Effectiveness and Unintended Consequences of a Large Illicit Crops Eradication Program in Colombia
A Abadie, MC Acevedo, M Kugler, J Vargas
Working Paper Harvard Kennedy School y Universidad del Rosario, 2013
Economic shocks and crime: Evidence from the crash of Ponzi schemes
D Cortés, J Santamaría, JF Vargas
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 131, 263-275, 2016
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