Zhuanpei Wang
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All-in-one fiber for stretchable fiber-shaped tandem supercapacitors
Z Wang, J Cheng, Q Guan, H Huang, Y Li, J Zhou, W Ni, B Wang, S He, ...
Nano Energy 45, 210-219, 2018
Twisted yarns for fiber-shaped supercapacitors based on wetspun PEDOT: PSS fibers from aqueous coagulation
D Yuan, B Li, J Cheng, Q Guan, Z Wang, W Ni, C Li, H Liu, B Wang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (30), 11616-11624, 2016
Dendrite‐free flexible fiber‐shaped Zn battery with long cycle life in water and air
Q Guan, Y Li, X Bi, J Yang, J Zhou, X Li, J Cheng, Z Wang, B Wang, J Lu
Advanced Energy Materials 9 (41), 1901434, 2019
Highly-wrinkled reduced graphene oxide-conductive polymer fibers for flexible fiber-shaped and interdigital-designed supercapacitors
B Li, J Cheng, Z Wang, Y Li, W Ni, B Wang
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All-climate aqueous fiber-shaped supercapacitors with record areal energy density and high safety
Z Wang, J Cheng, J Zhou, J Zhang, H Huang, J Yang, Y Li, B Wang
Nano Energy 50, 106-117, 2018
2.2 V high performance symmetrical fiber-shaped aqueous supercapacitors enabled by “water-in-salt” gel electrolyte and N-Doped graphene fiber
Q Liu, J Zhou, C Song, X Li, Z Wang, J Yang, J Cheng, H Li, B Wang
Energy Storage Materials 24, 495-503, 2020
Free-standing N-doped carbon nanofibers/carbon nanotubes hybrid film for flexible, robust half and full lithium-ion batteries
L Huang, Q Guan, J Cheng, C Li, W Ni, Z Wang, Y Zhang, B Wang
Chemical Engineering Journal 334, 682-690, 2018
Flexible platinum-free fiber-shaped dye sensitized solar cell with 10.28% efficiency
J Zhang, Z Wang, X Li, J Yang, C Song, Y Li, J Cheng, Q Guan, B Wang
ACS Applied Energy Materials 2 (4), 2870-2877, 2019
Interfacial Engineered Polyaniline/Sulfur-Doped TiO2 Nanotube Arrays for Ultralong Cycle Lifetime Fiber-Shaped, Solid-State Supercapacitors
C Li, Z Wang, S Li, J Cheng, Y Zhang, J Zhou, D Yang, DG Tong, B Wang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (21), 18390-18399, 2018
Single Janus iodine-doped rGO/rGO film with multi-responsive actuation and high capacitance for smart integrated electronics
J Yang, J Zhang, X Li, J Zhou, Y Li, Z Wang, J Cheng, Q Guan, B Wang
Nano Energy 53, 916-925, 2018
A novel reusable nanocomposite: FeOOH/CBC and its adsorptive property for methyl orange
Z Wang, Y Ma, H He, C Pei, P He
Applied Surface Science 332, 456-462, 2015
Omnidirectional porous fiber scrolls of polyaniline nanopillars array-N-doped carbon nanofibers for fiber-shaped supercapacitors
D Yang, W Ni, J Cheng, Z Wang, C Li, Y Zhang, B Wang
Materials Today Energy 5, 196-204, 2017
Flexible three-dimensional electrodes of hollow carbon bead strings as graded sulfur reservoirs and the synergistic mechanism for lithium–sulfur batteries
D Yang, W Ni, J Cheng, Z Wang, T Wang, Q Guan, Y Zhang, H Wu, X Li, ...
Applied Surface Science 413, 209-218, 2017
A dual shape pore model to analyze the gas adsorption data of hierarchical micro-mesoporous carbons
J Jagiello, A Chojnacka, SEM Pourhosseini, Z Wang, F Beguin
Carbon 178, 113-124, 2021
Flexible self-powered fiber-shaped photocapacitors with ultralong cyclelife and total energy efficiency of 5.1%
Z Wang, J Cheng, H Huang, B Wang
Energy Storage Materials 24, 255-264, 2020
An electrochromic nickel phosphate film for large-area smart window with ultra-large optical modulation
P Lei, J Wang, Y Gao, C Hu, S Zhang, X Tong, Z Wang, Y Gao, G Cai
Nano-Micro Letters 15 (1), 34, 2023
Processable nanoarchitectonics of two-dimensional metallo-supramolecular polymer for electrochromic energy storage devices with high coloration efficiency and stability
S Liu, C Wei, H Wang, W Yang, J Zhang, Z Wang, W Zhao, PS Lee, G Cai
Nano Energy 110, 108337, 2023
Solution-processable multicolor TiO2/polyaniline nanocomposite for integrated bifunctional electrochromic energy storage device
S Zhang, P Lei, J Fu, X Tong, Z Wang, G Cai
Applied Surface Science 607, 155015, 2023
Flexible fiber-shaped sodium-ion battery based on self-supported sulfur-doped TiO2 nanotube arrays
Q Liu, J Wang, X Li, Z Wang
Materials Letters 248, 123-126, 2019
Tunable Interaction between Zn2+ and Superstructured Nb18W16O93 Bimetallic Oxide for Multistep Tinted Electrochromic Device
R Ren, S Liu, Y Gao, P Lei, J Wang, X Tong, P Zhang, Z Wang, G Cai
ACS Energy Letters 8 (5), 2300-2307, 2023
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