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Joint estimation of cardiac toxicity and recurrence risks after comprehensive nodal photon versus proton therapy for breast cancer
LB Stick, J Yu, MV Maraldo, MC Aznar, AN Pedersen, SM Bentzen, ...
International Journal of Radiation Oncology* Biology* Physics 97 (4), 754-761, 2017
Selection criteria for early breast cancer patients in the DBCG proton trial–The randomised phase III trial strategy
LB Stick, EL Lorenzen, ES Yates, C Anandadas, K Andersen, C Aristei, ...
Clinical and translational radiation oncology 27, 126-131, 2021
Intrafractional fiducial marker position variations in stereotactic liver radiotherapy during voluntary deep inspiration breath-hold
LB Stick, IR Vogelius, S Risum, M Josipovic
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Biological optimization for mediastinal lymphoma radiotherapy–a preliminary study
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A Modiri, LB Stick, SR Rice, LA Rechner, IR Vogelius, SM Bentzen, ...
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Proton therapy for early breast cancer patients in the DBCG proton trial: planning, adaptation, and clinical experience from the first 43 patients
M Fuglsang Jensen, LB Stick, M Høyer, CJS Kronborg, EL Lorenzen, ...
Acta Oncologica 61 (2), 223-230, 2022
Intrafraction tumor motion monitoring and dose reconstruction for liver pencil beam scanning proton therapy
S Nankali, ES Worm, JB Thomsen, LB Stick, J Bertholet, M Høyer, ...
Frontiers in oncology 13, 1112481, 2023
Accuracy and consistency of intensity-based deformable image registration in 4DCT for tumor motion estimation in liver radiotherapy planning
JD Tascón-Vidarte, LB Stick, M Josipovic, S Risum, J Jomier, K Erleben, ...
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LB Stick, IR Vogelius, A Modiri, SR Rice, MV Maraldo, A Sawant, ...
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Radiation-Induced Toxicity Risks in Photon Versus Proton Therapy for Synchronous Bilateral Breast Cancer
LB Stick, MF Jensen, SM Bentzen, C Kamby, AY Lundgaard, MV Maraldo, ...
International Journal of Particle Therapy 8 (4), 1-13, 2022
Spot-scanning proton therapy for targets with adjacent cardiac implantable electronic devices–Strategies for breast and head & neck cancer
LB Stick, PMT Lægdsmand, HL Bjerre, M Høyer, K Jensen, MF Jensen, ...
Physics and Imaging in Radiation Oncology 21, 66-71, 2022
Patient selection for proton therapy of early breast cancer-the DBCG phase II study strategy
LB Stick, EL Lorenzen, ES Yates, CN Anandadas, K Andersen, C Aristei, ...
Reusable optically stimulated luminescence dosimetry films for 2D dose verification of proton therapy
SJG Clausen, ML Jensen, CL Nielsen, MF Jensen, L Muren, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2799 (1), 012002, 2024
Spot-scanning proton therapy for early breast cancer in free breathing versus deep inspiration breath-hold
LB Stick, LL Nielsen, CB Trinh, I Bahij, MF Jensen, CJS Kronborg, ...
Acta oncologica (Stockholm, Sweden) 63, 56-61, 2024
Classification of laterality and mastectomy/lumpectomy for breast cancer patients for improved performance of deep learning auto segmentation
H Vivancos Bargalló, LB Stick, SS Korreman, C Kronborg, MM Nielsen, ...
Acta Oncologica 62 (11), 1546-1550, 2023
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S Nankali, E Worm, J Thomsen, L Stick, M Høyer, B Weber, H Mortensen, ...
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E Worm, S Nankali, JB Thomsen, L Stick, M Høyer, B Weber, ...
Radiotherapy and Oncology 182, S1725-S1727, 2023
Proton therapy dose distributions around cardiac implant leads measured with 3D dosimeters and films
L Valdetaro, LB Stick, MK Sitarz, L Muren, P Balling, PS Skyt, ...
Radiotherapy & Oncology 170, S1353-S1354, 2022
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LB Stick, MF Jensen, CJS Kronborg, EL Lorenzen, HR Mortensen, ...
Radiotherapy and Oncology 170, S191-S192, 2022
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ER Skarsø, LH Refsgaard, LB Stick, BV Offersen, SS Korreman
Radiotherapy and Oncology 161, S1611-S1613, 2021
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