Gianluca Fiandaca
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An overview of a highly versatile forward and stable inverse algorithm for airborne, ground-based and borehole electromagnetic and electric data
E Auken, AV Christiansen, C Kirkegaard, G Fiandaca, C Schamper, ...
Exploration Geophysics 46 (3), 223-235, 2015
Time-domain-induced polarization: Full-decay forward modeling and 1D laterally constrained inversion of Cole-Cole parameters
G Fiandaca, E Auken, AV Christiansen, A Gazoty
Geophysics 77 (3), E213-E225, 2012
Resolving spectral information from time domain induced polarization data through 2-D inversion
G Fiandaca, J Ramm, A Binley, A Gazoty, AV Christiansen, E Auken
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Sharp spatially constrained inversion with applications to transient electromagnetic data
G Vignoli, G Fiandaca, AV Christiansen, C Kirkegaard, E Auken
Geophysical Prospecting 63 (1), 243-255, 2015
Detailed landfill leachate plume mapping using 2D and 3D electrical resistivity tomography-with correlation to ionic strength measured in screens
PK Maurya, VK Rønde, G Fiandaca, N Balbarini, E Auken, PL Bjerg, ...
Journal of Applied Geophysics 138, 1-8, 2017
Mapping of landfills using time‐domain spectral induced polarization data: the Eskelund case study
A Gazoty, G Fiandaca, J Pedersen, E Auken, AV Christiansen
Near Surface Geophysics 10 (6), 575-586, 2012
Application of time domain induced polarization to the mapping of lithotypes in a landfill site
A Gazoty, G Fiandaca, J Pedersen, E Auken, AV Christiansen, ...
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 16 (6), 1793-1804, 2012
Doubling the spectrum of time-domain induced polarization by harmonic de-noising, drift correction, spike removal, tapered gating and data uncertainty estimation
PI Olsson, G Fiandaca, JJ Larsen, T Dahlin, E Auken
Geophysical Supplements to the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical …, 2016
Influence of non-aqueous phase liquid configuration on induced polarization parameters: Conceptual models applied to a time-domain field case study
S Johansson, G Fiandaca, T Dahlin
Journal of Applied Geophysics 123, 295-309, 2015
Comparative tests on different multi-electrode arrays using models in near-surface geophysics
R Martorana, G Fiandaca, AC Ponsati, PL Cosentino
Journal of Geophysics and Engineering 6 (1), 1, 2008
Imaging subsurface migration of dissolved CO2 in a shallow aquifer using 3-D time-lapse electrical resistivity tomography
E Auken, J Doetsch, G Fiandaca, AV Christiansen, A Gazoty, AG Cahill, ...
Journal of Applied Geophysics 101, 31-41, 2014
Subsurface imaging of water electrical conductivity, hydraulic permeability and lithology at contaminated sites by induced polarization
PK Maurya, N Balbarini, I Møller, V Rønde, AV Christiansen, PL Bjerg, ...
Geophysical Journal International 213 (2), 770-785, 2018
Re‐parameterisations of the Cole–Cole model for improved spectral inversion of induced polarization data
G Fiandaca, LM Madsen, PK Maurya
Near Surface Geophysics 16 (4), 385-399, 2018
Measuring time-domain spectral induced polarization in the on-time: decreasing acquisition time and increasing signal-to-noise ratio
PI Olsson, T Dahlin, G Fiandaca, E Auken
Journal of Applied Geophysics 123, 316-321, 2015
Improvement in MRS parameter estimation by joint and laterally constrained inversion of MRS and TEM data
AA Behroozmand, E Auken, G Fiandaca, AV Christiansen
Geophysics 77 (4), WB191-WB200, 2012
Efficient full decay inversion of MRS data with a stretched-exponential approximation of the T2* distribution
AA Behroozmand, E Auken, G Fiandaca, AV Christiansen, ...
Geophysical Journal International 190 (2), 900-912, 2012
Direct current (DC) resistivity and induced polarization (IP) monitoring of active layer dynamics at high temporal resolution
J Doetsch, T Ingeman-Nielsen, AV Christiansen, G Fiandaca, E Auken, ...
Cold Regions Science and Technology 119, 16-28, 2015
Generalized focusing of time-lapse changes with applications to direct current and time-domain induced polarization inversions
G Fiandaca, J Doetsch, G Vignoli, E Auken
Geophysical Journal International 203 (2), 1101-1112, 2015
Development of a high-resolution 3D geological model for landfill leachate risk assessment
AS Høyer, KES Klint, G Fiandaca, PK Maurya, AV Christiansen, ...
Engineering Geology 249, 45-59, 2019
Sequential and joint hydrogeophysical inversion using a field-scale groundwater model with ERT and TDEM data
D Herckenrath, G Fiandaca, E Auken, P Bauer-Gottwein
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions 10 (4), 4655-4707, 2013
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