David E. Bernal Neira
David E. Bernal Neira
NASA Ames Research Center
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A review and comparison of solvers for convex MINLP
J Kronqvist, DE Bernal, A Lundell, IE Grossmann
Optimization and Engineering 20, 397-455, 2019
(Almost) Dark Galaxies in the ALFALFA Survey: Isolated H i-bearing Ultra-diffuse Galaxies
L Leisman, MP Haynes, S Janowiecki, G Hallenbeck, G Józsa, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 842 (2), 133, 2017
Formulating and solving routing problems on quantum computers
S Harwood, C Gambella, D Trenev, A Simonetto, D Bernal, D Greenberg
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Improving the performance of DICOPT in convex MINLP problems using a feasibility pump
DE Bernal, S Vigerske, F Trespalacios, IE Grossmann
Optimization Methods and Software 35 (1), 171-190, 2019
Optimization applications as quantum performance benchmarks
T Lubinski, C Coffrin, C McGeoch, P Sathe, J Apanavicius, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2302.02278, 2023
Integration of crude-oil scheduling and refinery planning by Lagrangean Decomposition
H Yang, DE Bernal, RE Franzoi, FG Engineer, K Kwon, S Lee, ...
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Using regularization and second order information in outer approximation for convex MINLP
J Kronqvist, DE Bernal, IE Grossmann
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Mixed-integer nonlinear decomposition toolbox for Pyomo (MindtPy)
DE Bernal, Q Chen, F Gong, IE Grossmann
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Perspectives of quantum computing for chemical engineering
DE Bernal, A Ajagekar, SM Harwood, ST Stober, D Trenev, F You
AIChE Journal 68 (6), e17651, 2022
Global optimization algorithm for multi-period design and planning of centralized and distributed manufacturing networks
CL Lara, DE Bernal, C Li, IE Grossmann
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A center-cut algorithm for quickly obtaining feasible solutions and solving convex MINLP problems
J Kronqvist, DE Bernal, A Lundell, T Westerlund
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Large-scale selective maintenance optimization using bathtub-shaped failure rates
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Characterization of QUBO reformulations for the maximum k-colorable subgraph problem
R Quintero, D Bernal, T Terlaky, LF Zuluaga
Quantum Information Processing 21 (3), 89, 2022
Optimal synthesis and design of catalytic distillation columns: A rate-based modeling approach
DA Linan, DE Bernal, JM Gomez, LA Ricardez-Sandoval
Chemical Engineering Science 231, 116294, 2021
Integer programming techniques for minor-embedding in quantum annealers
DE Bernal, KEC Booth, R Dridi, H Alghassi, S Tayur, D Venturelli
Integration of Constraint Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and …, 2020
Optimal design of superstructures for placing units and streams with multiple and ordered available locations. Part II: Rigorous design of catalytic distillation columns
DA Linán, DE Bernal, LA Ricardez-Sandoval, JM Gómez
Computers & Chemical Engineering 139, 106845, 2020
Optimal design of superstructures for placing units and streams with multiple and ordered available locations. Part I: A new mathematical framework
DA Linán, DE Bernal, LA Ricardez-Sandoval, JM Gómez
Computers & Chemical Engineering 137, 106794, 2020
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