Kang Liang
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One-step assembly of coordination complexes for versatile film and particle engineering
H Ejima, JJ Richardson, K Liang, JP Best, MP van Koeverden, GK Such, ...
Science 341 (6142), 154-157, 2013
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K Liang, R Ricco, CM Doherty, MJ Styles, S Bell, N Kirby, S Mudie, ...
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MOF positioning technology and device fabrication
P Falcaro, R Ricco, CM Doherty, K Liang, AJ Hill, MJ Styles
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Hetero-atom-doped carbon dots: Doping strategies, properties and applications
S Miao, K Liang, J Zhu, B Yang, D Zhao, B Kong
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Immobilization and intracellular delivery of an anticancer drug using mussel-inspired polydopamine capsules
J Cui, Y Yan, GK Such, K Liang, CJ Ochs, A Postma, F Caruso
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Void engineering in metal–organic frameworks via synergistic etching and surface functionalization
M Hu, Y Ju, K Liang, T Suma, J Cui, F Caruso
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K Liang, JJ Richardson, J Cui, F Caruso, CJ Doonan, P Falcaro
Adv. Mater 28 (36), 7910-7914, 2016
Enzyme encapsulation in zeolitic imidazolate frameworks: a comparison between controlled co-precipitation and biomimetic mineralisation
K Liang, CJ Coghlan, SG Bell, C Doonan, P Falcaro
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An enzyme‐coated metal–organic framework shell for synthetically adaptive cell survival
K Liang, JJ Richardson, CJ Doonan, X Mulet, Y Ju, J Cui, F Caruso, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (29), 8510-8515, 2017
Improving the Acidic Stability of Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks by Biofunctional Molecules
S Gao, J Hou, Z Deng, T Wang, S Beyer, AG Buzanich, JJ Richardson, ...
Chem 5 (6), 1597-1608, 2019
Carbon-based SERS biosensor: From substrate design to sensing and bioapplication
X Liang, N Li, R Zhang, P Yin, C Zhang, N Yang, K Liang, B Kong
NPG Asia Materials 13 (1), 8, 2021
Engineering poly (ethylene glycol) particles for improved biodistribution
J Cui, R De Rose, K Alt, S Alcantara, BM Paterson, K Liang, M Hu, ...
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Synthesis and functionalization of nanoengineered materials using click chemistry
GK Such, APR Johnston, K Liang, F Caruso
Progress in Polymer Science 37 (7), 985-1003, 2012
Bioactive MIL-88A framework hollow spheres via interfacial reaction in-droplet microfluidics for enzyme and nanoparticle encapsulation
GY Jeong, R Ricco, K Liang, J Ludwig, JO Kim, P Falcaro, DP Kim
Chemistry of Materials 27 (23), 7903-7909, 2015
Super-soft hydrogel particles with tunable elasticity in a microfluidic blood capillary model.
J Cui, M Björnmalm, K Liang, C Xu, JP Best, X Zhang, F Caruso
Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 26 (43), 7295-7299, 2014
Sol–gel processing of metal–organic frameworks
K Sumida, K Liang, J Reboul, IA Ibarra, S Furukawa, P Falcaro
Chemistry of Materials 29 (7), 2626-2645, 2017
Metal–organic-framework-based enzymatic microfluidic biosensor via surface patterning and biomineralization
M Mohammad, A Razmjou, K Liang, M Asadnia, V Chen
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (2), 1807-1820, 2018
Encapsulation, visualization and expression of genes with biomimetically mineralized zeolitic imidazolate framework‐8 (ZIF‐8)
A Poddar, JJ Conesa, K Liang, S Dhakal, P Reineck, G Bryant, E Pereiro, ...
Small 15 (36), 1902268, 2019
Nanoscale engineering of low-fouling surfaces through polydopamine immobilisation of zwitterionic peptides
J Cui, Y Ju, K Liang, H Ejima, S Lörcher, KT Gause, JJ Richardson, ...
Soft Matter 10 (15), 2656-2663, 2014
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