Chris Yakymchuk
Chris Yakymchuk
Assistant Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Waterloo
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Behaviour of zircon and monazite during crustal melting
C Yakymchuk, M Brown
Journal of the Geological Society 171 (4), 465-479, 2014
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Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 174 (3), 1-19, 2019
Anatectic reworking and differentiation of continental crust along the active margin of Gondwana: a zircon Hf–O perspective from West Antarctica
C Yakymchuk, CS Siddoway, CM Fanning, R Mcfadden, FJ Korhonen, ...
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Mesoarchean exhumation of the Akia terrane and a common Neoarchean tectonothermal history for West Greenland
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Corundum formation by metasomatic reactions in Archean metapelite, SW Greenland: Exploration vectors for ruby deposits within high-grade greenstone belts
C Yakymchuk, K Szilas
Geoscience Frontiers 9 (3), 727-749, 2018
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Precambrian Research 339, 105615, 2020
Anatexis of former arc magmatic rocks during oceanic subduction: A case study from the North Wulan gneiss complex
X Li, M Niu, C Yakymchuk, Z Yan, C Fu, Q Zhao
Gondwana Research 61, 128-149, 2018
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