Mohsen Kompany-Zareh
Mohsen Kompany-Zareh
Full professor of Analytical Chemistry
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Simple method for colorimetric spot-test quantitative analysis of Fe (III) using a computer controlled hand-scanner
M Kompany-Zareh, M Mansourian, F Ravaee
Analytica Chimica Acta 471 (1), 97-104, 2002
Genetic algorithms for architecture optimisation of counter-propagation artificial neural networks
D Ballabio, M Vasighi, V Consonni, M Kompany-Zareh
Chemometrics and intelligent laboratory systems 105 (1), 56-64, 2011
Simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of Fe and Ni with xylenol orange using principal component analysis and artificial neural networks in some industrial samples
M Kompany-Zareh, A Massoumi, S Pezeshk-Zadeh
Talanta 48 (2), 283-292, 1999
Nucleic acid based fluorescent nanothermometers
S Ebrahimi, Y Akhlaghi, M Kompany-Zareh, Å Rinnan
ACS nano 8 (10), 10372-10382, 2014
Mechanism, decomposition pathway and new evidence for self-healing of manganese oxides as efficient water oxidizing catalysts: new insights
MM Najafpour, M Kompany-Zareh, A Zahraei, DJ Sedigh, H Jaccard, ...
Dalton Transactions 42 (40), 14603-14611, 2013
Spectrophotometric resolution of ternary mixtures of pseudoephedrine hydrochloride, dextromethorphan hydrobromide, and sodium benzoate in syrups using wavelength selection by …
M Kompany-Zareh, S Mirzaei
Analytica chimica acta 526 (1), 83-94, 2004
Application of radial basis function networks and successive projections algorithm in a QSAR study of anti‐HIV activity for a large group of HEPT derivatives
Y Akhlaghi, M Kompany‐Zareh
Journal of Chemometrics: A Journal of the Chemometrics Society 20 (1‐2), 1-12, 2006
Comparing radial basis function and feed-forward neural networks assisted by linear discriminant or principal component analysis for simultaneous spectrophotometric …
Y Akhlaghi, M Kompany-Zareh
Analytica Chimica Acta 537 (1-2), 331-338, 2005
Iron oxide nanoparticles modified with carbon quantum nanodots for the stabilization of palladium nanoparticles: an efficient catalyst for the Suzuki reaction in aqueous media …
M Gholinejad, M Seyedhamzeh, M Razeghi, C Najera, M Kompany‐Zareh
ChemCatChem 8 (2), 441-447, 2016
Multiway investigation of interaction between fluorescence labeled DNA strands and unmodified gold nanoparticles
Y Akhlaghi, M Kompany-Zareh, MR Hormozi-Nezhad
Analytical chemistry 84 (15), 6603-6610, 2012
Graphene Quantum Dot Modified Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Stabilize PdCu Nanoparticles for Enhanced Catalytic Activity in the Sonogashira Reaction
M Gholinejad, J Ahmadi, C Nájera, M Seyedhamzeh, F Zareh, ...
ChemCatChem 9 (8), 1442-1449, 2017
Application of generalized artificial neural networks coupled with an orthogonal design to optimization of a system for the kinetic spectrophotometric determination of Hg (II)
M Kompany-Zareh, H Tavallali, M Sajjadi
Analytica Chimica Acta 469 (2), 303-310, 2002
Genetic algorithm-based method for selecting conditions in multivariate determination of povidone-iodine using hand scanner
M Kompany-Zareh, S Mirzaei
Analytica chimica acta 521 (2), 231-236, 2004
Nuclear magnetic resonance-based screening of thalassemia and quantification of some hematological parameters using chemometric methods
M Arjmand, M Kompany-Zareh, M Vasighi, N Parvizzadeh, Z Zamani, ...
Talanta 81 (4-5), 1229-1236, 2010
Self-healing for nanolayered manganese oxides in the presence of cerium (IV) ammonium nitrate: new findings
MM Najafpour, M Khoshkam, DJ Sedigh, A Zahraei, M Kompany-Zareh
New Journal of Chemistry 39 (4), 2547-2550, 2015
Tucker core consistency for validation of restricted Tucker3 models
M Kompany-Zareh, Y Akhlaghi, R Bro
Analytica chimica acta 723, 18-26, 2012
Correlation weighted successive projections algorithm as a novel method for variable selection in QSAR studies: investigation of anti‐HIV activity of HEPT derivatives
M Kompany‐Zareh, Y Akhlaghi
Journal of Chemometrics: A Journal of the Chemometrics Society 21 (5‐6), 239-250, 2007
Simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of copper (II) and nickel (II) as complexes with sodium diethyldithiocarbamate in an anionic micellar medium using partial least …
M Kompany-Zareh, A Massoumi, H Tavallali
Microchemical journal 63 (2), 257-265, 1999
On uniqueness and selectivity in three-component parallel factor analysis
N Omidikia, H Abdollahi, M Kompany-Zareh
Analytica chimica acta 782, 12-20, 2013
Jackknife-based selection of Gram− Schmidt orthogonalized descriptors in QSAR
M Kompany-Zareh, N Omidikia
Journal of chemical information and modeling 50 (12), 2055-2066, 2010
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