Jiahua Zhu
Jiahua Zhu
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One-pot synthesis of magnetic graphene nanocomposites decorated with core@ double-shell nanoparticles for fast chromium removal
J Zhu, S Wei, H Gu, SB Rapole, Q Wang, Z Luo, N Haldolaarachchige, ...
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Significant improvement of thermal conductivities for BNNS/PVA composite films via electrospinning followed by hot-pressing technology
X Yang, Y Guo, Y Han, Y Li, T Ma, M Chen, J Kong, J Zhu, J Gu
Composites Part B: Engineering 175, 107070, 2019
Rheological behaviors and electrical conductivity of epoxy resin nanocomposites suspended with in-situ stabilized carbon nanofibers
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Magnetic nanocomposites for environmental remediation
J Zhu, S Wei, M Chen, H Gu, SB Rapole, S Pallavkar, TC Ho, J Hopper, ...
Advanced Powder Technology 24 (2), 459-467, 2013
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