George Dabos
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Femtojoule per MAC neuromorphic photonics: An energy and technology roadmap
AR Totović, G Dabos, N Passalis, A Tefas, N Pleros
IEEE Journal of selected topics in Quantum Electronics 26 (5), 1-15, 2020
Silicon photonic 8× 8 cyclic Arrayed Waveguide Grating Router for O-band on-chip communication
S Pitris, G Dabos, C Mitsolidou, T Alexoudi, P De Heyn, ...
Optics Express 26 (5), 6276-6284, 2018
TM grating coupler on low-loss LPCVD based Si3N4 waveguide platform
G Dabos, A Manolis, AL Giesecke, C Porschatis, B Chmielak, T Wahlbrink, ...
Optics Communications 405, 35-38, 2017
Silicon-integrated coherent neurons with 32GMAC/sec/axon compute line-rates using EAM-based input and weighting cells
G Giamougiannis, A Tsakyridis, G Mourgias-Alexandris, M Moralis-Pegios, ...
2021 European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), 1-4, 2021
Aluminum plasmonic waveguides co-integrated with Si3N4 photonics using CMOS processes
G Dabos, A Manolis, D Tsiokos, D Ketzaki, E Chatzianagnostou, L Markey, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-10, 2018
A Silicon Photonic Coherent Neuron with 10GMAC/sec processing line-rate
G Mourgias-Alexandris, M Moralis-Pegios, S Simos, G Dabos, N Passalis, ...
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, Tu5H. 1, 2021
All-optical WDM recurrent neural networks with gating
G Mourgias-Alexandris, G Dabos, N Passalis, A Totović, A Tefas, N Pleros
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 26 (5), 1-7, 2020
Plasmonic stripes in aqueous environment co-integrated with Si3N4 photonics
G Dabos, D Ketzaki, A Manolis, L Markey, JC Weeber, A Dereux, ...
IEEE Photonics Journal 10 (1), 1-8, 2018
CMOS plasmonics in WDM data transmission: 200 Gb/s (8× 25Gb/s) transmission over aluminum plasmonic waveguides
G Dabos, A Manolis, S Papaioannou, D Tsiokos, L Markey, JC Weeber, ...
Optics Express 26 (10), 12469-12478, 2018
Column address selection in optical RAMs with positive and negative logic row access
C Vagionas, S Markou, G Dabos, T Alexoudi, D Tsiokos, A Miliou, ...
IEEE Photonics Journal 5 (6), 7800410-7800410, 2013
Neuromorphic silicon photonics and hardware-aware deep learning for high-speed inference
M Moralis-Pegios, G Mourgias-Alexandris, A Tsakyridis, G Giamougiannis, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 40 (10), 3243-3254, 2022
Neuromorphic photonics: 2D or not 2D?
R Stabile, G Dabos, C Vagionas, B Shi, N Calabretta, N Pleros
Journal of Applied Physics 129 (20), 200901, 2021
Scaling the sensitivity of integrated plasmo-photonic interferometric sensors
E Chatzianagnostou, A Manolis, G Dabos, D Ketzaki, A Miliou, N Pleros, ...
ACS Photonics 6 (7), 1664-1673, 2019
A photonic recurrent neuron for time-series classification
G Mourgias-Alexandris, N Passalis, G Dabos, A Totović, A Tefas, N Pleros
Journal of Lightwave Technology 39 (5), 1340-1347, 2021
Training noise-resilient recurrent photonic networks for financial time series analysis
N Passalis, M Kirtas, G Mourgias-Alexandris, G Dabos, N Pleros, A Tefas
2020 28th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), 1556-1560, 2021
Perfectly vertical and fully etched SOI grating couplers for TM polarization
G Dabos, J Bolten, A Prinzen, AL Giesecke, N Pleros, D Tsiokos
Optics Communications 350, 124-127, 2015
On-Chip Dual-Stream DWDM Eight-Channel-Capable SOI-Based MUX s/DEMUX s With 40-GH z Channel Bandwidth
S Papaioannou, D Fitsios, G Dabos, K Vyrsokinos, G Giannoulis, ...
IEEE Photonics Journal 7 (1), 1-10, 2014
Plasmonics co-integrated with silicon nitride photonics for high-sensitivity interferometric biosensing
A Manolis, E Chatzianagnostou, G Dabos, N Pleros, B Chmielak, ...
Optics Express 27 (12), 17102-17111, 2019
Water Cladded Plasmonic Slot Waveguide Vertically Coupled With Si3N4 Photonics
G Dabos, D Ketzaki, A Manolis, E Chatzianagnostou, L Markey, ...
IEEE Photonics Journal 10 (3), 1-8, 2018
Optical RAM row access and column decoding for WDM-formatted optical words
C Vagionas, S Markou, G Dabos, T Alexoudi, D Tsiokos, A Miliou, ...
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, JW2A. 56, 2013
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