Delphine Schaming
Delphine Schaming
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Nanotechnology: from the ancient time to nowadays
D Schaming, H Remita
Foundations of Chemistry 17, 187-205, 2015
Synthesis and photocatalytic properties of mixed polyoxometalate− porphyrin copolymers obtained from Anderson-type polyoxomolybdates
D Schaming, C Allain, R Farha, M Goldmann, S Lobstein, A Giraudeau, ...
Langmuir 26 (7), 5101-5109, 2010
Self-assembled molecular rafts at liquid| liquid interfaces for four-electron oxygen reduction
AJ Olaya, D Schaming, PF Brevet, H Nagatani, T Zimmermann, J Vanicek, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (1), 498-506, 2012
Synthesis, electrochemical and photophysical properties of covalently linked porphyrin–polyoxometalates
C Allain, D Schaming, N Karakostas, M Erard, JP Gisselbrecht, S Sorgues, ...
Dalton Transactions 42 (8), 2745-2754, 2013
Spectroelectrochemical characterization of small hemoproteins adsorbed within nanostructured mesoporous ITO electrodes
D Schaming, C Renault, RT Tucker, S Lau-Truong, J Aubard, MJ Brett, ...
Langmuir 28 (39), 14065-14072, 2012
Easy methods for the electropolymerization of porphyrins based on the oxidation of the macrocycles
D Schaming, I Ahmed, J Hao, V Alain-Rizzo, R Farha, M Goldmann, H Xu, ...
Electrochimica acta 56 (28), 10454-10463, 2011
Formation of a new hybrid complex via coordination interaction between 5, 10, 15-tritolyl-20-(4-and 3-pyridyl) porphyrin or 5, 10, 15-triphenyl-20-(4-pyridyl) porphyrin and the …
D Schaming, C Costa-Coquelard, I Lampre, S Sorgues, M Erard, X Liu, ...
Inorganica Chimica Acta 363 (10), 2185-2192, 2010
Photocatalytic reduction of Ag2SO4 by the Dawson anion α-[P2W18O62] 6− and tetracobalt sandwich complexes
C Costa-Coquelard, D Schaming, I Lampre, L Ruhlmann
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 84 (3-4), 835-842, 2008
A simple way for the electropolymerization of porphyrins
A Giraudeau, D Schaming, J Hao, R Farha, M Goldmann, L Ruhlmann
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 638 (1), 70-75, 2010
Photocatalytic reduction of Ag2SO4 by electrostatic complexes formed by tetracationic zinc porphyrins and tetracobalt Dawson-derived sandwich polyanion
D Schaming, C Costa-Coquelard, S Sorgues, L Ruhlmann, I Lampre
Applied Catalysis A: General 373 (1-2), 160-167, 2010
Highly resolved nanostructured PEDOT on large areas by nanosphere lithography and electrodeposition
VQ Nguyen, D Schaming, P Martin, JC Lacroix
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7 (39), 21673-21681, 2015
Tunable plasmon resonance of gold nanoparticles functionalized by electroactive bisthienylbenzene oligomers or polythiophene
D Schaming, VQ Nguyen, P Martin, JC Lacroix
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (43), 25158-25166, 2014
Formation and photocatalytic properties of nanocomposite films containing both tetracobalt Dawson-derived sandwich polyanions and tetracationic porphyrins
D Schaming, R Farha, H Xu, M Goldmann, L Ruhlmann
Langmuir 27 (1), 132-143, 2011
Photocurrents at polarized liquid| liquid interfaces enhanced by a gold nanoparticle film
D Schaming, M Hojeij, N Younan, H Nagatani, HJ Lee, HH Girault
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (39), 17704-17711, 2011
Demonstrative experiments about gold nanoparticles and nanofilms: an introduction to nanoscience
O Pluchery, H Remita, D Schaming
Gold Bulletin 46, 319-327, 2013
SECM investigations of immobilized porphyrins films
Y Leroux, D Schaming, L Ruhlmann, P Hapiot
Langmuir 26 (18), 14983-14989, 2010
Bis-porphyrin copolymers covalently linked by pyridinium spacers obtained by electropolymerization from β-octaethylporphyrins and pyridyl-substituted porphyrins
Y Xia, D Schaming, R Farha, M Goldmann, L Ruhlmann
New Journal of Chemistry 36 (3), 588-596, 2012
Electrosynthesis and electrochemical properties of porphyrin dimers with pyridinium as bridging spacer
D Schaming, S Marggi-Poullain, I Ahmed, R Farha, M Goldmann, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 35 (11), 2534-2543, 2011
Gold nanoparticles and poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene)(PEDOT) hybrid films as counter-electrodes for enhanced efficiency in dye-sensitized solar cells
S Koussi-Daoud, D Schaming, P Martin, JC Lacroix
Electrochimica Acta 125, 601-605, 2014
Electrodeposition of NiO films and inverse opal organized layers from polar aprotic solvent-based electrolyte
S Koussi-Daoud, O Majerus, D Schaming, T Pauporté
Electrochimica Acta 219, 638-646, 2016
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