Harry Mönig
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On-surface azide–alkyne cycloaddition on Au (111)
O Diaz Arado, H Mönig, H Wagner, JH Franke, G Langewisch, PA Held, ...
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Structure of the (111) surface of bismuth: Leed analysis and first-principles calculations
H Mönig, J Sun, YM Koroteev, G Bihlmayer, J Wells, EV Chulkov, K Pohl, ...
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Comprehensive comparison of various techniques for the analysis of elemental distributions in thin films
D Abou-Ras, R Caballero, CH Fischer, CA Kaufmann, I Lauermann, ...
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Surface Cu depletion of Cu (In, Ga) Se2 films: An investigation by hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
H Mönig, CH Fischer, R Caballero, CA Kaufmann, N Allsop, M Gorgoi, ...
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Submolecular imaging by noncontact atomic force microscopy with an oxygen atom rigidly connected to a metallic probe
H Mönig, DR Hermoso, O Díaz Arado, M Todorović, A Timmer, ...
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Direct Evidence for a Reduced Density of Deep Level Defects at Grain Boundaries of Thin Films
H Mönig, Y Smith, R Caballero, CA Kaufmann, I Lauermann, ...
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Photochemical glaser coupling at metal surfaces
HY Gao, D Zhong, H Mönig, H Wagner, PA Held, A Timmer, A Studer, ...
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Elucidating the binding modes of N-heterocyclic carbenes on a gold surface
A Bakker, A Timmer, E Kolodzeiski, M Freitag, HY Gao, H Mönig, ...
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Quantitative assessment of intermolecular interactions by atomic force microscopy imaging using copper oxide tips
H Mönig, S Amirjalayer, A Timmer, Z Hu, L Liu, O Díaz Arado, M Cnudde, ...
Nature Nanotechnology 13 (5), 371-375, 2018
Surface Supported Gold–Organic Hybrids: On‐Surface Synthesis and Surface Directed Orientation
H Zhang, JH Franke, D Zhong, Y Li, A Timmer, OD Arado, H Mönig, ...
Small 10 (7), 1361-1368, 2014
Understanding scanning tunneling microscopy contrast mechanisms on metal oxides: a case study
H Mönig, M Todorovic, MZ Baykara, TC Schwendemann, L Rodrigo, ...
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Cu in In2S3: interdiffusion phenomena analysed by high kinetic energy X‐ray photoelectron spectroscopy
P Pistor, N Allsop, W Braun, R Caballero, C Camus, CH Fischer, M Gorgoi, ...
physica status solidi (a) 206 (5), 1059-1062, 2009
On‐Surface Domino Reactions: Glaser Coupling and Dehydrogenative Coupling of a Biscarboxylic Acid To Form Polymeric Bisacylperoxides
PA Held, HY Gao, L Liu, C Mück‐Lichtenfeld, A Timmer, H Moenig, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (33), 9777-9782, 2016
Cu-accumulation at the interface between sputter-(Zn, Mg) O and Cu (In, Ga)(S, Se) 2—a key to understanding the need for buffer layers?
I Lauermann, C Loreck, A Grimm, R Klenk, H Mönig, MC Lux-Steiner, ...
Thin Solid Films 515 (15), 6015-6019, 2007
Atom-specific forces and defect identification on surface-oxidized Cu (100) with combined 3D-AFM and STM measurements
MZ Baykara, M Todorović, H Mönig, TC Schwendemann, Ö Ünverdi, ...
Physical Review B 87 (15), 155414, 2013
Substrate-mediated C–C and C–H coupling after dehalogenation
H Kong, S Yang, H Gao, A Timmer, JP Hill, O Díaz Arado, H Mönig, ...
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Probing three-dimensional surface force fields with atomic resolution: Measurement strategies, limitations, and artifact reduction
MZ Baykara, OE Dagdeviren, TC Schwendemann, H Mönig, EI Altman, ...
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Intermolecular on-surface σ-bond metathesis
HY Gao, PA Held, S Amirjalayer, L Liu, A Timmer, B Schirmer, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (20), 7012-7019, 2017
Surface Cu-depletion of thin films: Further experimental evidence for a defect-induced surface reconstruction
H Mönig, CH Fischer, A Grimm, B Johnson, CA Kaufmann, R Caballero, ...
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An Electron‐Rich Cyclic (Alkyl)(Amino) Carbene on Au (111), Ag (111), and Cu (111) Surfaces
A Bakker, M Freitag, E Kolodzeiski, P Bellotti, A Timmer, J Ren, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 59 (32), 13643-13646, 2020
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