Marcela Ewert
Marcela Ewert
Edmonds College
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Sea ice microorganisms: Environmental constraints and extracellular responses
M Ewert, JW Deming
Biology 2 (2), 603-628, 2013
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Sea ice microorganisms: environmental constraints and extracellular responses. Biology 2 (2): 603–628
M Ewert, JW Deming
Sea Ice Microorganisms: Environmental Constraints and Extracellular Responses, Biology, 2, 603–628
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Extreme colds provoke the synthesis of DNA protection proteins that have unique structures that grant stability
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Extracellular macromolecules in sea-ice: Effects on sea-ice structure and their implications
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Brine-Wetted Snow on the Surface of Sea Ice: A Potentially Vast and Overlooked Microbial Habitat
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An artificial chemistry towards the identification of the transition to life.
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ALIFE, 784, 2008
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