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Kabir Peay
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Towards a unified paradigm for sequence‐based identification of fungi
U Kõljalg, RH Nilsson, K Abarenkov, L Tedersoo, AFS Taylor, M Bahram, ...
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Fungal community ecology: a hybrid beast with a molecular master
KG Peay, PG Kennedy, TD Bruns
Bioscience 58 (9), 799-810, 2008
A strong species–area relationship for eukaryotic soil microbes: island size matters for ectomycorrhizal fungi
KG Peay, TD Bruns, PG Kennedy, SE Bergemann, M Garbelotto
Ecology letters 10 (6), 470-480, 2007
Sequence depth, not PCR replication, improves ecological inference from next generation DNA sequencing
DP Smith, KG Peay
PloS one 9 (2), 2014
Endemism and functional convergence across the North American soil mycobiome
JM Talbot, TD Bruns, JW Taylor, DP Smith, S Branco, SI Glassman, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (17), 6341-6346, 2014
Towards global patterns in the diversity and community structure of ectomycorrhizal fungi
L Tedersoo, M Bahram, M Toots, AG Diedhiou, TW Henkel, R Kjøller, ...
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Measuring ectomycorrhizal fungal dispersal: macroecological patterns driven by microscopic propagules
KG Peay, MG Schubert, NH Nguyen, TD Bruns
Molecular Ecology 21 (16), 4122-4136, 2012
Parsing ecological signal from noise in next generation amplicon sequencing
NH Nguyen, D Smith, K Peay, P Kennedy
New Phytologist 205 (4), 1389-1393, 2015
Evidence of dispersal limitation in soil microorganisms: isolation reduces species richness on mycorrhizal tree islands
KG Peay, M Garbelotto, TD Bruns
Ecology 91 (12), 3631-3640, 2010
Dimensions of biodiversity in the Earth mycobiome
KG Peay, PG Kennedy, JM Talbot
Nature Reviews Microbiology 14 (7), 434, 2016
Phylogenetic relatedness predicts priority effects in nectar yeast communities
KG Peay, M Belisle, T Fukami
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 279 (1729), 749-758, 2012
Strong coupling of plant and fungal community structure across western Amazonian rainforests
KG Peay, C Baraloto, PVA Fine
The ISME journal 7 (9), 1852-1861, 2013
Preserving Accuracy in GenBank
MI Bidartondo, TD Bruns, M Blackwell, I Edwards , AFS Taylor, T Horton, N ...
Science 319, 1616, 2008
Potential link between plant and fungal distributions in a dipterocarp rainforest: community and phylogenetic structure of tropical ectomycorrhizal fungi across a plant and …
KG Peay, PG Kennedy, SJ Davies, S Tan, TD Bruns
New phytologist 185 (2), 529-542, 2010
Root tip competition among ectomycorrhizal fungi: are priority effects a rule or an exception?
PG Kennedy, KG Peay, TD Bruns
Ecology 90 (8), 2098-2107, 2009
Inoculum potential of Rhizopogon spores increases with time over the first 4 yr of a 99‐yr spore burial experiment
TD Bruns, KG Peay, PJ Boynton, LC Grubisha, NA Hynson, NH Nguyen, ...
New Phytologist 181 (2), 463-470, 2009
Independent roles of ectomycorrhizal and saprotrophic communities in soil organic matter decomposition
JM Talbot, TD Bruns, DP Smith, S Branco, SI Glassman, S Erlandson, ...
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 57, 282-291, 2013
Rethinking ectomycorrhizal succession: are root density and hyphal exploration types drivers of spatial and temporal zonation?
KG Peay, PG Kennedy, TD Bruns
fungal ecology 4 (3), 233-240, 2011
Local‐scale biogeography and spatiotemporal variability in communities of mycorrhizal fungi
M Bahram, KG Peay, L Tedersoo
New Phytologist 205 (4), 1454-1463, 2015
Flowers as Islands: Spatial Distribution of Nectar-Inhabiting Microfungi among Plants of Mimulus aurantiacus, a Hummingbird-Pollinated Shrub
M Belisle, KG Peay, T Fukami
Microbial ecology 63 (4), 711-718, 2012
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