Thomas Just Sørensen
Thomas Just Sørensen
Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen
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Citeret af
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R Arppe, TJ Sørensen
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MR Carro-Temboury, R Arppe, T Vosch, TJ Sørensen
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Preparation and study of an f, f, f′, f′′ covalently linked tetranuclear hetero-trimetallic complex–a europium, terbium, dysprosium triad
T JustáS
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MA Christensen, CR Parker, TJ Sørensen, S de Graaf, TJ Morsing, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2 (48), 10428-10438, 2014
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C Allain, PD Beer, S Faulkner, MW Jones, AM Kenwright, NL Kilah, ...
Chemical Science 4 (1), 489-493, 2013
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