Karley Campbell
Karley Campbell
Associate Professor, University of Tromsø
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Citeret af
Arctic spring awakening–Steering principles behind the phenology of vernal ice algal blooms
E Leu, CJ Mundy, P Assmy, K Campbell, TM Gabrielsen, M Gosselin, ...
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CJ Mundy, M Gosselin, Y Gratton, K Brown, V Galindo, K Campbell, ...
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SR K. Campbell, C. J. Mundy, M. Gosselin, J. C. Landy, A. Delaforge
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FTIR imaging analysis of cell content in sea-ice diatom taxa during a spring bloom in the lower Northwest Passage of the Canadian Arctic
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BA Lange, C Haas, J Charette, C Katlein, K Campbell, S Duerksen, ...
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Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 123 (12), 8730-8748, 2018
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