Maged Abdelsamie
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Reducing the efficiency–stability–cost gap of organic photovoltaics with highly efficient and stable small molecule acceptor ternary solar cells
D Baran, RS Ashraf, DA Hanifi, M Abdelsamie, N Gasparini, JA Röhr, ...
Nature materials 16 (3), 363-369, 2017
Reduced voltage losses yield 10% efficient fullerene free organic solar cells with> 1 V open circuit voltages
D Baran, T Kirchartz, S Wheeler, S Dimitrov, M Abdelsamie, J Gorman, ...
Energy & environmental science 9 (12), 3783-3793, 2016
2D matrix engineering for homogeneous quantum dot coupling in photovoltaic solids
J Xu, O Voznyy, M Liu, AR Kirmani, G Walters, R Munir, M Abdelsamie, ...
Nature nanotechnology 13 (6), 456-462, 2018
Solution-printed organic semiconductor blends exhibiting transport properties on par with single crystals
MR Niazi, R Li, EQ Li, AR Kirmani, M Abdelsamie, Q Wang, W Pan, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 1-10, 2015
Solvent Additives: Key Morphology‐Directing Agents for Solution‐Processed Organic Solar Cells
C McDowell, M Abdelsamie, MF Toney, GC Bazan
Advanced Materials 30 (33), 1707114, 2018
Morphology changes upon scaling a high-efficiency, solution-processed solar cell
HW Ro, JM Downing, S Engmann, AA Herzing, DM DeLongchamp, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (9), 2835-2846, 2016
Hybrid perovskite thin‐film photovoltaics: in situ diagnostics and importance of the precursor solvate phases
R Munir, AD Sheikh, M Abdelsamie, H Hu, L Yu, K Zhao, T Kim, OE Tall, ...
Advanced Materials 29 (2), 1604113, 2017
Efficient inverted bulk-heterojunction solar cells from low-temperature processing of amorphous ZnO buffer layers
LK Jagadamma, M Abdelsamie, A El Labban, E Aresu, GON Ndjawa, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (33), 13321-13331, 2014
Vertical phase separation in small molecule: polymer blend organic thin film transistors can be dynamically controlled
K Zhao, O Wodo, D Ren, HU Khan, MR Niazi, H Hu, M Abdelsamie, R Li, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (11), 1737-1746, 2016
Effect of solvent environment on colloidal‐quantum‐dot solar‐cell manufacturability and performance
AR Kirmani, GH Carey, M Abdelsamie, B Yan, D Cha, LR Rollny, X Cui, ...
Advanced Materials 26 (27), 4717-4723, 2014
Highly efficient and reproducible nonfullerene solar cells from hydrocarbon solvents
A Wadsworth, RS Ashraf, M Abdelsamie, S Pont, M Little, M Moser, ...
ACS Energy Letters 2 (7), 1494-1500, 2017
In situ UV-visible absorption during spin-coating of organic semiconductors: a new probe for organic electronics and photovoltaics
M Abdelsamie, K Zhao, MR Niazi, KW Chou, A Amassian
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2 (17), 3373-3381, 2014
Contact‐Induced Nucleation in High‐Performance Bottom‐Contact Organic Thin Film Transistors Manufactured by Large‐Area Compatible Solution Processing
MR Niazi, R Li, M Abdelsamie, K Zhao, DH Anjum, MM Payne, J Anthony, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (14), 2371-2378, 2016
Double charged surface layers in lead halide perovskite crystals
SP Sarmah, VM Burlakov, E Yengel, B Murali, E Alarousu, AM El-Zohry, ...
Nano letters 17 (3), 2021-2027, 2017
Synergistic impact of solvent and polymer additives on the film formation of small molecule blend films for bulk heterojunction solar cells
C McDowell, M Abdelsamie, K Zhao, DM Smilgies, GC Bazan, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 5 (18), 1501121, 2015
Toward Additive‐Free Small‐Molecule Organic Solar Cells: Roles of the Donor Crystallization Pathway and Dynamics
M Abdelsamie, ND Treat, K Zhao, C McDowell, MA Burgers, R Li, ...
Advanced Materials 27 (45), 7285-7292, 2015
Highly efficient polymer solar cells with printed photoactive layer: rational process transfer from spin-coating
K Zhao, H Hu, E Spada, LK Jagadamma, B Yan, M Abdelsamie, Y Yang, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (41), 16036-16046, 2016
Highly efficient organic solar cells based on a robust room-temperature solution-processed copper iodide hole transporter
K Zhao, GON Ndjawa, LK Jagadamma, A El Labban, H Hu, Q Wang, R Li, ...
Nano Energy 16, 458-469, 2015
Donor and Acceptor Unit Sequences Influence Material Performance in Benzo[1,2‐b:4,5‐b′]dithiophene–6,7‐Difluoroquinoxaline Small Molecule Donors for BHJ …
K Wang, RZ Liang, J Wolf, Q Saleem, M Babics, P Wucher, M Abdelsamie, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (39), 7103-7114, 2016
Intermediate-sized conjugated donor molecules for organic solar cells: Comparison of benzodithiophene and benzobisthiazole-based cores
S Zhang, J Zhang, M Abdelsamie, Q Shi, Y Zhang, TC Parker, EV Jucov, ...
Chemistry of Materials 29 (18), 7880-7887, 2017
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