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Gene expression under thermal stress varies across a geographical range expansion front
LT Lancaster, RY Dudaniec, P Chauhan, M Wellenreuther, EI Svensson, ...
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De novo transcriptome of Ischnura elegans provides insights into sensory biology, colour and vision genes
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NBSPred: a support vector machine-based high-throughput pipeline for plant resistance protein NBSLRR prediction
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Role of physicochemical properties in the estimation of skin permeability: in vitro data assessment by Partial Least-Squares Regression
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Wolbachia-driven selective sweep in a range expanding insect species
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Model based design of inhibitors for c-jun
P Chauhan, M Shakya
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Computational analysis reveals monomethylated triazolopyrimidine as a novel inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp)
A Karthic, V Kesarwani, RK Singh, PK Yadav, N Chaturvedi, P Chauhan, ...
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Rational drug designing for drug target alanine racemase (Alr) of mycobacterium tuberculosis
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Y‐Chromosomal STR Haplotypes in Two Endogamous Tribal Populations of Karnataka, India
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Genomics of expanded avian sex chromosomes shows that certain chromosomes are predisposed towards sex-linkage in vertebrates
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Bioinformatics resources for microbial research in biological systems
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De novo transcriptome of Ischnura elegans
P Chauhan, B Hansson, K Kraaijeveld, P de Knijff, EI Svensson, ...
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