Agnete Overgaard
Agnete Overgaard
postdoc, Neurobiology Research Unit, Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet, Denmark
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Kisspeptins: bridging energy homeostasis and reproduction
JM Castellano, AH Bentsen, JD Mikkelsen, M Tena-Sempere
Brain research 1364, 129-138, 2010
Early metabolic programming of puberty onset: impact of changes in postnatal feeding and rearing conditions on the timing of puberty and development of the hypothalamic …
JM Castellano, AH Bentsen, MA Sánchez-Garrido, F Ruiz-Pino, ...
Endocrinology 152 (9), 3396-3408, 2011
Stimulatory effect of RFRP-3 on the gonadotrophic axis in the male Syrian hamster: the exception proves the rule
C Ancel, AH Bentsen, ME Sébert, M Tena-Sempere, JD Mikkelsen, ...
Endocrinology 153 (3), 1352-1363, 2012
Differential Regulation of Kiss1 Expression by Melatonin and Gonadal Hormones in Male and Female Syrian Hamsters
L Ansel, M Bolborea, AH Bentsen, P Klosen, JD Mikkelsen, ...
Journal of biological rhythms 25 (2), 81-91, 2010
Comparison of the effects of peripherally administered kisspeptins
JD Mikkelsen, AH Bentsen, L Ansel, V Simonneaux, A Juul
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Maturation of kisspeptinergic neurons coincides with puberty onset in male rats
AH Bentsen, L Ansel, V Simonneaux, M Tena-Sempere, A Juul, ...
Peptides 31 (2), 275-283, 2010
Acute inflammation reduces kisspeptin immunoreactivity at the arcuate nucleus and decreases responsiveness to kisspeptin independently of its anorectic effects
JM Castellano, AH Bentsen, M Romero, R Pineda, F Ruiz-Pino, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism 299 (1), E54-E61, 2010
Neurokinin B and the control of the gonadotropic axis in the rat: developmental changes, sexual dimorphism, and regulation by gonadal steroids
F Ruiz-Pino, VM Navarro, AH Bentsen, D Garcia-Galiano, ...
Endocrinology 153 (10), 4818-4829, 2012
Role of serotonin transporter changes in depressive responses to sex-steroid hormone manipulation: a positron emission tomography study
VG Frokjaer, A Pinborg, KK Holst, A Overgaard, S Henningsson, M Heede, ...
Biological psychiatry 78 (8), 534-543, 2015
Comparative analysis of kisspeptin-immunoreactivity reveals genuine differences in the hypothalamic Kiss1 systems between rats and mice
A Overgaard, M Tena-Sempere, I Franceschini, E Desroziers, ...
Peptides 45, 85-90, 2013
Peripheral kisspeptin reverses short photoperiod-induced gonadal regression in Syrian hamsters by promoting GNRH release.
L Ansel, AH Bentsen, C Ancel, M Bolborea, P Klosen, JD Mikkelsen, ...
Reproduction (Cambridge, England) 142 (3), 417-425, 2011
Effect of a postnatal high-fat diet exposure on puberty onset, estrous cycle regularity, and kisspeptin expression in female rats
MEK Lie, A Overgaard, JD Mikkelsen
Reproductive biology 13 (4), 298-308, 2013
Embryonic development of kisspeptin neurones in rat
E Desroziers, M Droguerre, AH Bentsen, V Robert, JD Mikkelsen, ...
Journal of neuroendocrinology 24 (10), 1284-1295, 2012
Disparate changes in kisspeptin and neurokinin B expression in the arcuate nucleus after sex steroid manipulation reveal differential regulation of the two KNDy peptides in rats
A Overgaard, F Ruiz-Pino, JM Castellano, M Tena-Sempere, ...
Endocrinology 155 (10), 3945-3955, 2014
Tesofensine induces appetite suppression and weight loss with reversal of low forebrain dopamine levels in the diet-induced obese rat
HH Hansen, MM Jensen, A Overgaard, P Weikop, JD Mikkelsen
Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 110, 265-271, 2013
Changes in RFamide-related peptide-1 (RFRP-1)-immunoreactivity during postnatal development and the estrous cycle
SR Jørgensen, MD Andersen, A Overgaard, JD Mikkelsen
Endocrinology 155 (11), 4402-4410, 2014
The effect of perinatal exposure to ethinyl oestradiol or a mixture of endocrine disrupting pesticides on kisspeptin neurons in the rat hypothalamus
A Overgaard, K Holst, KR Mandrup, J Boberg, S Christiansen, ...
Neurotoxicology 37, 154-162, 2013
High plasma triglyceride levels strongly correlate with low kisspeptin in the arcuate nucleus of male rats.
A Overgaard, AM Axel, ME Lie, HH Hansen, JD Mikkelsen
Endocrine regulations 49 (2), 51-57, 2015
Paroxetine blunts the corticosterone response to swim-induced stress and increases depressive-like behavior in a rat model of postpartum depression
A Overgaard, SE Lieblich, R Richardson, LAM Galea, VG Frokjaer
Psychoneuroendocrinology 89, 223-228, 2018
Early Metabolic Programing of Puberty Onset: Impact of Changes in Perinatal Feeding on the Timing of Puberty and the Development of Hypothalamic Kisspeptin System.
JM Castellano, AH Bentsen, MA Sanchez-Garrido, F Ruiz-Pinio, ...
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