Kasper Bendix Johnsen
Kasper Bendix Johnsen
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A comprehensive overview of exosomes as drug delivery vehicles—endogenous nanocarriers for targeted cancer therapy
KB Johnsen, JM Gudbergsson, MN Skov, L Pilgaard, T Moos, M Duroux
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What is the blood concentration of extracellular vesicles? Implications for the use of extracellular vesicles as blood-borne biomarkers of cancer
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Expression of iron-related proteins at the neurovascular unit supports reduction and reoxidation of iron for transport through the blood-brain barrier
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On the use of liposome controls in studies investigating the clinical potential of extracellular vesicle-based drug delivery systems–A commentary
KB Johnsen, JM Gudbergsson, M Duroux, T Moos, TL Andresen, ...
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Post-capillary venules are the key locus for transcytosis-mediated brain delivery of therapeutic nanoparticles
K Kucharz, K Kristensen, KB Johnsen, MA Lund, M Lønstrup, T Moos, ...
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Pharmaceutics 14 (10), 2237, 2022
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