Mahboubeh Tasviri
Mahboubeh Tasviri
Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department, Shahid Beheshti University
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Citeret af
Comparative studies on Ag3PO4/BiPO4–metal-organic framework–graphene-based nanocomposites for photocatalysis application
N Mohaghegh, M Tasviri, E Rahimi, MR Gholami
Applied surface science 351, 216-224, 2015
Nano sized ZnO composites: Preparation, characterization and application as photocatalysts for degradation of AB92 azo dye
N Mohaghegh, M Tasviri, E Rahimi, MR Gholami
Materials science in semiconductor processing 21, 167-179, 2014
Amine functionalized TiO2 coated on carbon nanotube as a nanomaterial for direct electrochemistry of glucose oxidase and glucose biosensing
M Tasviri, HA Rafiee-Pour, H Ghourchian, MR Gholami
Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic 68 (2), 206-210, 2011
A novel p–n junction Ag 3 PO 4/BiPO 4-based stabilized Pickering emulsion for highly efficient photocatalysis
N Mohaghegh, M Tasviri, E Rahimi, MR Gholami
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Amine functionalized TiO2–carbon nanotube composite: synthesis, characterization and application to glucose biosensing
M Tasviri, HA Rafiee-Pour, H Ghourchian, MR Gholami
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Magnetic BiFeO 3 decorated UiO-66 as ap–n heterojunction photocatalyst for simultaneous degradation of a binary mixture of anionic and cationic dyes
S Bargozideh, M Tasviri, S Shekarabi, H Daneshgar
New Journal of Chemistry 44 (30), 13083-13092, 2020
Nanoporous Ag2O photocatalysts based on copper terephthalate metal–organic frameworks
N Mohaghegh, S Kamrani, M Tasviri, M Elahifard, M Gholami
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SbSI nanowires and CNTs encapsulated with SbSI as photocatalysts with high visible-light driven photoactivity
M Tasviri, Z Sajadi-Hezave
Molecular Catalysis 436, 174-181, 2017
Construction of a novel BiSI/MoS 2 nanocomposite with enhanced visible-light driven photocatalytic performance
S Bargozideh, M Tasviri
New Journal of Chemistry 42 (22), 18236-18241, 2018
Facile fabrication of Ag decorated TiO2 nanorices: Highly efficient visible-light-responsive photocatalyst in degradation of contaminants
MA Zarepour, M Tasviri
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 371, 166-172, 2019
Ionic liquid/graphene oxide as a nanocomposite for improving the direct electrochemistry and electrocatalytic activity of glucose oxidase
M Tasviri, S Ghasemi, H Ghourchian, MR Gholami
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 17, 183-189, 2013
Enhancing the photocatalytic performance of Ag3PO4 by incorporating g-C3N4 and MWCNTs: Optimisation of removal of Acid Blue 92
M Tasviri, F Armandsefat, N Mohaghegh, N Ahmadinasab
Progress in Reaction Kinetics and Mechanism 41 (3), 277-288, 2016
Effect of carbon nanotubes loading on the photocatalytic activity of BiSI/BiOI as a novel photocatalyst
S Bargozideh, M Tasviri, M Ghabraei
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27, 36754-36764, 2020
Apatite-coated Ag/AgBr/Bi2WO6 nanocomposite: synthesis, characterization, and application as an efficient visible-light-driven photocatalyst
M Tasviri, N Miri, N Mohaghegh
Research on Chemical Intermediates 45, 1039-1055, 2019
Construction of novel magnetic BiFeO3/MoS2 composite for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performance towards purification of dye pollutants
S Bargozideh, M Tasviri, M Kianifar
International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry 102 (18), 6390-6404, 2022
Fabricating Nano-Sized BiVO4/InVO4/g-C3N4 Photocatalysts for Efficient Degradation of Acid Blue 92 Azo Dye
M Tasviri, S Bargozideh
Progress in Reaction Kinetics and Mechanism 43 (2), 112-120, 2018
The synthesis of multiphasic ionic liquid-coated Pt/Al 2 O 3 catalysts: the selective synchronous hydrogenation of C [double bond, length as m-dash] C and C [double bond …
RV Meidanshahi, M Tasviri, M Khodadadi-Moghaddam, MR Gholami
Catalysis Science & Technology 4 (2), 447-455, 2014
A Cd x Zn 1− x S/TiO 2 nanotube array electrode for a highly sensitive and selective nonenzymatic photoelectrochemical glucose sensor
FO Esmaeili, M Tasviri, N Mohaghegh
New Journal of Chemistry 46 (20), 9880-9888, 2022
A joint experimental and theoretical study on ZnO nanocomposites synthesised by a liquid deposition method
N Mohaghegh, L Zeidabadi-Nejad, M Tasviri, M Dehestani, M Haqgu, ...
Progress in Reaction Kinetics and Mechanism 40 (3), 261-278, 2015
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