Kristine Niss
Kristine Niss
"Glass and Time", IMFUFA, Department of Science and Environment, Roskilde University
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Predicting the density-scaling exponent of a glass-forming liquid from Prigogine–Defay ratio measurements
D Gundermann, UR Pedersen, T Hecksher, NP Bailey, B Jakobsen, ...
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W Xiao, J Tofteskov, TV Christensen, JC Dyre, K Niss
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LA Roed, D Gundermann, JC Dyre, K Niss
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Glassy properties and viscous slowing down: An analysis of the correlation between nonergodicity factor and fragility
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Streamline topology in the near wake of a circular cylinder at moderate Reynolds numbers
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Effects of density and temperature on correlations between fragility and glassy properties
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C Dalle-Ferrier, K Niss, AP Sokolov, B Frick, J Serrano, ...
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Crystallization Behavior and Relaxation Dynamics of Supercooled S-Ketoprofen and the Racemic Mixture along an Isochrone
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B Jakobsen, K Niss, C Maggi, NB Olsen, T Christensen, JC Dyre
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 357 (2), 267-273, 2011
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