Rosa R. Jersie-Christensen
Rosa R. Jersie-Christensen
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Rapid and deep proteomes by faster sequencing on a benchtop quadrupole ultra-high-field Orbitrap mass spectrometer
CD Kelstrup, RR Jersie-Christensen, TS Batth, TN Arrey, A Kuehn, ...
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Direct evidence of milk consumption from ancient human dental calculus
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Proteomic profiling of archaeological human bone
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Phosphoproteomics of primary cells reveals druggable kinase signatures in ovarian cancer
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miR-625-3p regulates oxaliplatin resistance by targeting MAP2K6-p38 signalling in human colorectal adenocarcinoma cells
MH Rasmussen, I Lyskjær, RR Jersie-Christensen, LS Tarpgaard, ...
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Proteome reference map of Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM and quantitative proteomics towards understanding the prebiotic action of lactitol
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Simple and reproducible sample preparation for single-shot phosphoproteomics with high sensitivity
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Ancient proteins from ceramic vessels at Çatalhöyük West reveal the hidden cuisine of early farmers
J Hendy, AC Colonese, I Franz, R Fernandes, R Fischer, D Orton, ...
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Quantitative metaproteomics of medieval dental calculus reveals individual oral health status
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Conformation-specific anti-Mad2 monoclonal antibodies for the dissection of checkpoint signaling
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The Role of Proteomics in Bacterial Response to Antibiotics
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Author Correction: The dental proteome of Homo antecessor
F Welker, J Ramos-Madrigal, P Gutenbrunner, M Mackie, S Tiwary, ...
Nature 584 (7820), E19, 2020
Introduction to Proteomic sample preparation
B Mojsoska, R Jersie-Christensen, P Ulstrup
Sweet google O’mine—The importance of online search engines for MS-facilitated, database-independent identification of peptide-encoded book prefaces: A EUPA YPIC challenge entry
A Hogrebe, RR Jersie-Christensen
EuPA open proteomics 22, 14-18, 2019
Survival of eggshell peptides over millions of years in Africa is due to mineral binding
B Demarchi, S Hall, T Roncal Herrero, CL Freeman, J Woolley, MK Crisp, ...
ISBA7-7th International Symposium on Biomolecular Archaeology, 53-53, 2016
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