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Xiaole Sun
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Significant contribution of authigenic carbonate to marine carbon burial
X Sun, AV Turchyn
Nature Geoscience 7 (3), 201-204, 2014
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J Zhong, SL Li, J Liu, H Ding, X Sun, S Xu, T Wang, RM Ellam, CQ Liu
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X Sun, CM Mörth, D Porcelli, L Kutscher, C Hirst, MJ Murphy, T Maximov, ...
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X Sun, CM Mörth, C Humborg, B Gustafsson
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AM Hutchings, G Antler, J Wilkening, A Basu, HJ Bradbury, JA Clegg, ...
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Climate dependent diatom production is preserved in biogenic Si isotope signatures
X Sun, P Andersson, C Humborg, B Gustafsson, DJ Conley, P Crill, ...
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AV Turchyn, HJ Bradbury, K Walker, X Sun
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Z Song, Y Wu, Y Yang, X Zhang, L Van Zwieten, N Bolan, Z Li, H Liu, ...
Global Change Biology, 2022
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X Sun, P Andersson, M Land, C Humborg, CM Mörth
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Spatial distribution of plant-available silicon and its controlling factors in paddy fields of China
X Yang, Z Song, L Van Zwieten, X Sun, C Yu, W Wang, C Liu, H Wang
Geoderma 401, 115215, 2021
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