Thomas Rieks Andersen
Thomas Rieks Andersen
Post-doctoral reseacher at Zhejiang University
Verificeret mail på zju.edu.cn
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Citeret af
Scalable, ambient atmosphere roll-to-roll manufacture of encapsulated large area, flexible organic tandem solar cell modules
TR Andersen, HF Dam, M Hösel, M Helgesen, JE Carlé, TT Larsen-Olsen, ...
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Near‐infrared nonfullerene acceptors based on benzobis (thiazole) unit for efficient organic solar cells with low energy loss
S Li, L Zhan, TK Lau, ZP Yu, W Yang, TR Andersen, Z Fu, CZ Li, X Lu, ...
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Flexible ITO-free organic solar cells applying aqueous solution-processed V2O5 hole transport layer: An outdoor stability study
FAS Lima, MJ Beliatis, B Roth, TR Andersen, A Bortoti, Y Reyna, E Castro, ...
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