Gabriel Capson-Tojo
Gabriel Capson-Tojo
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Food waste valorization via anaerobic processes: a review
G Capson-Tojo, M Rouez, M Crest, JP Steyer, JP Delgenès, R Escudié
Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology 15 (3), 499-547, 2016
Addition of granular activated carbon and trace elements to favor volatile fatty acid consumption during anaerobic digestion of food waste
RE Gabriel Capson-Tojo, Roman Moscoviz, Diane Ruiz, Gaëlle Santa-Catalina ...
Bioresource Technology, 2018
Unraveling the literature chaos around free ammonia inhibition in anaerobic digestion
G Capson-Tojo, R Moscoviz, S Astals, Á Robles, JP Steyer
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 117, 109487, 2020
Dry anaerobic digestion of food waste and cardboard at different substrate loads, solid contents and co-digestion proportions
G Capson-Tojo, E Trably, M Rouez, M Crest, JP Steyer, JP Delgenès, ...
Bioresource technology 233, 166-175, 2017
Accumulation of propionic acid during consecutive batch anaerobic digestion of commercial food waste
G Capson-Tojo, D Ruiz, M Rouez, M Crest, JP Steyer, N Bernet, ...
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Purple phototrophic bacteria for resource recovery: Challenges and opportunities
G Capson-Tojo, DJ Batstone, M Grassino, SE Vlaeminck, D Puyol, ...
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Kinetic study of dry anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and cardboard for methane production
G Capson-Tojo, M Rouez, M Crest, E Trably, JP Steyer, N Bernet, ...
Waste Management 69, 470-479, 2017
Mesophilic and thermophilic anaerobic digestion of lipid-extracted microalgae N. gaditana for methane production
G Capson-Tojo, A Torres, R Muñoz, J Bartacek, D Jeison
Renewable Energy 105, 539-546, 2017
Basics of bio-hydrogen production by dark fermentation
J Toledo-Alarcón, G Capson-Tojo, A Marone, F Paillet, ADNF Júnior, ...
Bioreactors for microbial biomass and energy conversion, 199-220, 2018
Methanosarcina plays a main role during methanogenesis of high-solids food waste and cardboard
RE Gabriel Capson-Tojo, Eric Trably, Maxime Rouez, Marion Crest, Nicolas ...
Waste Management, 2018
Microalgae-bacteria consortia in high-rate ponds for treating urban wastewater: Elucidating the key state indicators under dynamic conditions
Á Robles, G Capson-Tojo, A Galès, MV Ruano, B Sialve, J Ferrer, ...
Journal of environmental management 261, 110244, 2020
Addition of biochar and trace elements in the form of industrial FeCl3 to stabilize anaerobic digestion of food waste: dosage optimization and long‐term study
G Capson‐Tojo, C Girard, M Rouez, M Crest, JP Steyer, N Bernet, ...
Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology 94 (2), 505-515, 2019
Cardboard proportions and total solids contents as driving factors in dry co-fermentation of food waste
G Capson-Tojo, E Trably, M Rouez, M Crest, N Bernet, JP Steyer, ...
Bioresource technology 248, 229-237, 2018
Performance of a membrane-coupled high-rate algal pond for urban wastewater treatment at demonstration scale
Á Robles, G Capson-Tojo, A Gales, A Viruela, B Sialve, A Seco, JP Steyer, ...
Bioresource technology 301, 122672, 2020
Purple phototrophic bacteria are outcompeted by aerobic heterotrophs in the presence of oxygen
G Capson-Tojo, S Lin, DJ Batstone, T Hülsen
Water Research 194, 116941, 2021
Real-time optimization of the key filtration parameters in an AnMBR: Urban wastewater mono-digestion vs. co-digestion with domestic food waste
A Robles, G Capson-Tojo, MV Ruano, A Seco, J Ferrer
Waste Management 80, 299-309, 2018
Development and pilot-scale validation of a fuzzy-logic control system for optimization of methane production in fixed-bed reactors
A Robles, G Capson-Tojo, MV Ruano, E Latrille, JP Steyer
Journal of Process Control 68, 96-104, 2018
Naturally illuminated photobioreactors for resource recovery from piggery and chicken-processing wastewaters utilising purple phototrophic bacteria
T Hülsen, S Stegman, DJ Batstone, G Capson-Tojo
Water Research 214, 118194, 2022
Outdoor demonstration-scale flat plate photobioreactor for resource recovery with purple phototrophic bacteria
T Hülsen, C Züger, ZM Gan, DJ Batstone, D Solley, P Ochre, B Porter, ...
Water Research 216, 118327, 2022
Considering syntrophic acetate oxidation and ionic strength improves the performance of models for food waste anaerobic digestion
G Capson-Tojo, S Astals, Á Robles
Bioresource Technology 341, 125802, 2021
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