Vibe H Oestergaard
Vibe H Oestergaard
Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
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Deubiquitination of FANCD2 is required for DNA crosslink repair
VH Oestergaard, F Langevin, HJ Kuiken, P Pace, W Niedzwiedz, ...
Molecular cell 28 (5), 798-809, 2007
The genetic and biochemical basis of FANCD2 monoubiquitination
E Rajendra, VH Oestergaard, F Langevin, M Wang, GL Dornan, KJ Patel, ...
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TopBP1 is required at mitosis to reduce transmission of DNA damage to G1 daughter cells
RT Pedersen, T Kruse, J Nilsson, VH Oestergaard, M Lisby
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Dpb11/TopBP1 plays distinct roles in DNA replication, checkpoint response and homologous recombination
SM Germann, VH Oestergaard, C Haas, P Salis, A Motegi, M Lisby
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A human topoisomerase IIα heterodimer with only one ATP binding site can go through successive catalytic cycles
C Skouboe, L Bjergbæk, VH Oestergaard, MK Larsen, BR Knudsen, ...
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Dissecting the cell-killing mechanism of the topoisomerase II-targeting drug ICRF-193
VH Oestergaard, BR Knudsen, AH Andersen
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (27), 28100-28105, 2004
RNF8 and RNF168 but not HERC2 are required for DNA damage-induced ubiquitylation in chicken DT40 cells
VH Oestergaard, C Pentzold, RT Pedersen, S Iosif, A Alpi, ...
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TopBP1-mediated DNA processing during mitosis
I Gallina, SK Christiansen, RT Pedersen, M Lisby, VH Oestergaard
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Hindering the strand passage reaction of human topoisomerase IIα without disturbing DNA cleavage, ATP hydrolysis, or the operation of the N-terminal clamp
VH Oestergaard, L Giangiacomo, L Bjergbaek, BR Knudsen, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (27), 28093-28099, 2004
The role of HERC2 and RNF8 ubiquitin E3 ligases in the promotion of translesion DNA synthesis in the chicken DT40 cell line
S Kobayashi, IS Keka, G Guilbaud, J Sale, T Narita, HI Abdel-Aziz, ...
DNA repair 40, 67-76, 2016
The QTK Loop Is Essential for the Communication between the N-Terminal ATPase Domain and the Central Cleavage− Ligation Region in Human Topoisomerase IIα
S Bendsen, VH Oestergaard, C Skouboe, M Brinch, BR Knudsen, ...
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Transcription-replication conflicts at chromosomal fragile sites—consequences in M phase and beyond
VH Oestergaard, M Lisby
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Common Chromosomal Fragile Sites—Conserved Failure Stories
V Voutsinos, SHN Munk, VH Oestergaard
Genes 9 (12), 580, 2018
TopBP1 makes the final call for repair on the verge of cell division
VH Oestergaard, M Lisby
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Topoisomerases and transcriptional regulation
AK Larsen, K Lemke, V Oestergaard, AH Andersen, A Vekris, MC Haaz, ...
Eur. J. Cancer 38, S71, 2002
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