Pradip Kumar Maurya
Pradip Kumar Maurya
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tTEM—A towed transient electromagnetic system for detailed 3D imaging of the top 70 m of the subsurface
E Auken, N Foged, JJ Larsen, KVT Lassen, PK Maurya, SM Dath, ...
Geophysics 84 (1), E13-E22, 2019
Detailed landfill leachate plume mapping using 2D and 3D electrical resistivity tomography-with correlation to ionic strength measured in screens
PK Maurya, VK Rønde, G Fiandaca, N Balbarini, E Auken, PL Bjerg, ...
Journal of Applied Geophysics 138, 1-8, 2017
Re‐parameterisations of the Cole–Cole model for improved spectral inversion of induced polarization data
G Fiandaca, LM Madsen, PK Maurya
Near Surface Geophysics 16 (4), 385-399, 2018
Subsurface imaging of water electrical conductivity, hydraulic permeability and lithology at contaminated sites by induced polarization
PK Maurya, N Balbarini, I Møller, V Rønde, AV Christiansen, PL Bjerg, ...
Geophysical Journal International 213 (2), 770-785, 2018
Large scale mapping of fractures and groundwater pathways in crystalline hardrock by AEM
S Chandra, E Auken, PK Maurya, S Ahmed, SK Verma
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 398, 2019
Development of a high-resolution 3D geological model for landfill leachate risk assessment
AS Høyer, KES Klint, G Fiandaca, PK Maurya, AV Christiansen, ...
Engineering Geology 249, 45-59, 2019
Electrical resistivity tomography and time-domain induced polarization field investigations of geothermal areas at Krafla, Iceland: comparison to borehole and laboratory …
L Lévy, PK Maurya, S Byrdina, J Vandemeulebrouck, F Sigmundsson, ...
Geophysical Journal International 218 (3), 1469-1489, 2019
3D characterization of the subsurface redox architecture in complex geological settings
H Kim, AS Høyer, R Jakobsen, L Thorling, J Aamand, PK Maurya, ...
Science of the total environment 693, 133583, 2019
Characterizing the diverse hydrogeology underlying rivers and estuaries using new floating transient electromagnetic methodology
JW Lane Jr, MA Briggs, PK Maurya, EA White, JB Pedersen, E Auken, ...
Science of the Total Environment 740, 140074, 2020
Permeability estimation directly from logging‐while‐drilling induced polarization data
G Fiandaca, PK Maurya, N Balbarini, A Hördt, AV Christiansen, N Foged, ...
Water Resources Research 54 (4), 2851-2870, 2018
High resolution 3D subsurface mapping using a towed transient electromagnetic system‐tTEM: case studies
PK Maurya, AV Christiansen, J Pedersen, E Auken
Near Surface Geophysics 18 (3), 249-259, 2020
Field-scale comparison of frequency-and time-domain spectral induced polarization
PK Maurya, G Fiandaca, AV Christiansen, E Auken
Geophysical Journal International 214 (2), 1441-1466, 2018
Machine learning based fast forward modelling of ground-based time-domain electromagnetic data
TS Bording, MR Asif, AS Barfod, JJ Larsen, B Zhang, DJ Grombacher, ...
Journal of Applied Geophysics 187, 104290, 2021
Assessment of complex subsurface redox structures for sustainable development of agriculture and the environment
B Hansen, DD Voutchkova, PBE Sandersen, A Kallesøe, L Thorling, ...
Environmental Research Letters 16 (2), 025007, 2021
Geophysics‐based contaminant mass discharge quantification downgradient of a landfill and a former pharmaceutical factory
N Balbarini, V Rønde, P Maurya, G Fiandaca, I Møller, KE Klint, ...
Water Resources Research 54 (8), 5436-5456, 2018
Geological significance of delineating paleochannels with AEM
S Chandra, J Choudhury, PK Maurya, S Ahmed, E Auken, SK Verma
Exploration Geophysics 51 (1), 74-83, 2020
A neural network-based hybrid framework for least-squares inversion of transient electromagnetic data
MR Asif, TS Bording, PK Maurya, B Zhang, G Fiandaca, DJ Grombacher, ...
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 60, 1-10, 2021
Effect of data pre-processing on the performance of neural networks for 1-D transient electromagnetic forward modeling
MR Asif, TS Bording, AS Barfod, DJ Grombacher, PK Maurya, ...
IEEE Access 9, 34635-34646, 2021
Cross-borehole tomography with full-decay spectral time-domain induced polarization for mapping of potential contaminant flow-paths
TS Bording, G Fiandaca, PK Maurya, E Auken, AV Christiansen, N Tuxen, ...
Journal of contaminant hydrology 226, 103523, 2019
AEMIP robust inversion using maximum phase angle Cole–Cole model re-parameterisation applied for HTEM survey over Lamego gold mine, Quadrilátero Ferrífero, MG, Brazil
MA Couto Junior, G Fiandaca, PK Maurya, AV Christiansen, JL Porsani, ...
Exploration Geophysics 51 (1), 170-183, 2020
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