Francisco Llorente de Gracia
Francisco Llorente de Gracia
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Pre- and Postinvasion Defenses Both Contribute to Nonhost Resistance in Arabidopsis
V Lipka, J Dittgen, P Bednarek, R Bhat, M Wiermer, M Stein, J Landtag, ...
science 310 (5751), 1180-1183, 2005
Impairment of Cellulose Synthases Required for Arabidopsis Secondary Cell Wall Formation Enhances Disease Resistance
C Hernandez-Blanco, DX Feng, J Hu, A Sanchez-Vallet, L Deslandes, ...
The Plant Cell 19 (3), 890-903, 2007
ERECTA receptor‐like kinase and heterotrimeric G protein from Arabidopsis are required for resistance to the necrotrophic fungus Plectosphaerella cucumerina
F Llorente, C Alonso‐Blanco, C Sánchez‐Rodriguez, L Jorda, A Molina
The Plant Journal 43 (2), 165-180, 2005
Repression of the auxin response pathway increases Arabidopsis susceptibility to necrotrophic fungi
F Llorente, P Muskett, A Sanchez-Vallet, G Lopez, B Ramos, ...
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Genetic and Molecular Analyses of Natural Variation Indicate CBF2 as a Candidate Gene for Underlying a Freezing Tolerance Quantitative Trait Locus in Arabidopsis
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Experimental infections of wild birds with West Nile virus
E Pérez-Ramírez, F Llorente, MÁ Jiménez-Clavero
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Disruption of Abscisic Acid Signaling Constitutively Activates Arabidopsis Resistance to the Necrotrophic Fungus Plectosphaerella cucumerina
A Sánchez-Vallet, G López, B Ramos, M Delgado-Cerezo, MP Riviere, ...
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A novel cold‐inducible gene from Arabidopsis, RCI3, encodes a peroxidase that constitutes a component for stress tolerance
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The ERECTA Receptor-Like Kinase Regulates Cell Wall–Mediated Resistance to Pathogens in Arabidopsis thaliana
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A novel quantitative multiplex real-time RT-PCR for the simultaneous detection and differentiation of West Nile virus lineages 1 and 2, and of Usutu virus
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A freezing-sensitive mutant of Arabidopsis, frs1, is a new aba3 allele
F Llorente, JC Oliveros, JM Martínez-Zapater, J Salinas
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Pathogenicity of two recent Western Mediterranean West Nile virus isolates in a wild bird species indigenous to Southern Europe: the red-legged partridge
E Sotelo, AV Gutierrez-Guzmán, J del Amo, F Llorente, M El-Harrak, ...
Veterinary Research 42, 1-8, 2011
Development and evaluation of a new epitope-blocking ELISA for universal detection of antibodies to West Nile virus
E Sotelo, F Llorente, B Rebollo, A Camuñas, A Venteo, C Gallardo, ...
Journal of virological methods 174 (1-2), 35-41, 2011
Characterization of West Nile virus isolates from Spain: new insights into the distinct West Nile virus eco-epidemiology in the Western Mediterranean
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Phylogenetic relationships of Western Mediterranean West Nile virus strains (1996–2010) using full-length genome sequences: single or multiple introductions?
E Sotelo, J Fernandez-Pinero, F Llorente, A Vazquez, A Moreno, ...
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Rift Valley and West Nile virus antibodies in camels, north Africa
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West Nile virus antibodies in wild birds, Morocco, 2008
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