Robert I Menzies
Robert I Menzies
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Exosomal transmission of functional aquaporin 2 in kidney cortical collecting duct cells
JM Street, W Birkhoff, RI Menzies, DJ Webb, MA Bailey, JW Dear
The Journal of physiology 589 (24), 6119-6127, 2011
Raman spectra of mirabilite, Na2SO4·10H2O and the rediscovered metastable heptahydrate, Na2SO4·7H2O
A Hamilton, RI Menzies
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 41 (9), 1014-1020, 2010
Raman spectra of mirabilite, Na2SO4· 10H2O and the rediscovered metastable heptahydrate, Na2SO4· 7H2O
A Hamilton, RI Menzies
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 41 (9), 1014-1020, 2010
Purinergic signaling in kidney disease
RI Menzies, FW Tam, RJ Unwin, MA Bailey
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Hyperglycemia-induced renal P2X7 receptor activation enhances diabetes-related injury
RI Menzies, JWR Booth, JJ Mullins, MA Bailey, FWK Tam, JT Norman, ...
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Renal disease pathophysiology and treatment: contributions from the rat
LJ Mullins, BR Conway, RI Menzies, L Denby, JJ Mullins
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Conditional Deletion of Hsd11b2 in the Brain Causes Salt Appetite and Hypertension
LC Evans, JR Ivy, C Wyrwoll, JA McNairn, RI Menzies, TH Christensen, ...
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RI Menzies, RJ Unwin, RK Dash, DA Beard, AW Cowley Jr, BE Carlson, ...
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Inhibition of the purinergic P2X7 receptor improves renal perfusion in angiotensin-II-infused rats
RI Menzies, AR Howarth, RJ Unwin, FWK Tam, JJ Mullins, MA Bailey
Kidney international 88 (5), 1079-1087, 2015
Activation of thiazide-sensitive co-transport by angiotensin II in the cyp1a1-Ren2 hypertensive rat
A Ashek, RI Menzies, LJ Mullins, COC Bellamy, AJ Harmar, CJ Kenyon, ...
PLoS One 7 (4), e36311, 2012
Local endothelial DNA repair deficiency causes aging-resembling endothelial-specific dysfunction
PK Bautista-Niño, E Portilla-Fernandez, E Rubio-Beltrán, ...
Clinical Science 134 (7), 727-746, 2020
Camk2n1 Is a Negative Regulator of Blood Pressure, Left Ventricular Mass, Insulin Sensitivity, and Promotes Adiposity
N Alfazema, M Barrier, SM de Procé, RI Menzies, R Carter, K Stewart, ...
Hypertension 74 (3), 687-696, 2019
An anatomically unbiased approach for analysis of renal BOLD magnetic resonance images
RI Menzies, A Zammit-Mangion, LM Hollis, RJ Lennen, MA Jansen, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Renal Physiology 305 (6), F845-F852, 2013
The renal and blood pressure response to low sodium diet in P2X4 receptor knockout mice
E Craigie, RI Menzies, CK Larsen, G Jacquillet, M Carrel, SS Wildman, ...
Physiological Reports 6 (20), e13899, 2018
Endothelin-1 Mediates the Systemic and Renal Hemodynamic Effects of GPR81 Activation
NK Jones, K Stewart, A Czopek, RI Menzies, A Thomson, CM Moran, ...
Hypertension 75 (5), 1213-1222, 2020
Transcription controls growth, cell kinetics and cholesterol supply to sustain ACTH responses
RI Menzies, X Zhao, LJ Mullins, JJ Mullins, C Cairns, N Wrobel, ...
Endocrine Connections 6 (7), 446-457, 2017
P2X7 receptor antagonism improves renal blood flow and oxygenation in angiotensin-II infused rat
R Menzies, A Howarth, J Mullins, MA Bailey
Proceedings of The Physiological Society, 2015
Selecting the Right Therapeutic Target for Renal Disease
L Buvall, RI Menzies, J Williams, K Woollard, C Kumar, AB Granqvist, ...
Frontiers in Pharmacology, 4621, 2022
Sex Difference in Renal Artery Contractility in a Novel CRISPR/Cas9‐Generated P2X7 Knockout Rat
J Nespoux, MLT Monaghan, NK Jones, L Denby, A Czopek, JJ Mullins, ...
The FASEB Journal 36, 2022
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