Tim R. McVicar
Tim R. McVicar
CSIRO Land and Water
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Estimating land surface evaporation: A review of methods using remotely sensed surface temperature data
JD Kalma, TR McVicar, MF McCabe
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TA McMahon, MC Peel, L Lowe, R Srikanthan, TR McVicar
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Developing a decision support tool for China's re-vegetation program: Simulating regional impacts of afforestation on average annual streamflow in the Loess Plateau
TR McVicar, LT Li, TG Van Niel, L Zhang, R Li, QK Yang, XP Zhang, ...
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Supplement: State of the Climate in 2013 Supplemental Figures
J Blunden, DS Arndt
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TG Van Niel, TR McVicar, B Datt
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