Nemat Omidikia
Nemat Omidikia
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Definition and detection of data-based uniqueness in evaluating bilinear (two-way) chemical measurements
R Rajkó, H Abdollahi, S Beyramysoltan, N Omidikia
Analytica chimica acta 855, 21-33, 2015
On uniqueness and selectivity in three-component parallel factor analysis
N Omidikia, H Abdollahi, M Kompany-Zareh
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M Kompany-Zareh, N Omidikia
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Visualization and establishment of partial uniqueness and uniqueness rules in parallel factor analysis
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Unsupervised selection of informative descriptors in QSAR study of anti-HIV activities of HEPT derivatives
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Fluorescence Based Investigation of Temperature-Dependent Pb2+-Specific 8–17E DNAzyme Catalytic Sensor
Z Shomali, M Kompany-Zareh, N Omidikia
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Analytical solution and meaning of feasible regions in two-component three-way arrays
N Omidikia, H Abdollahi, M Kompany-Zareh, R Rajkó
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A comprehensive QSPR model for dielectric constants of binary solvent mixtures
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(Front cover) Joint Selection of Essential Pixels and Essential Variables Across Hyperspectral Images
M Ghaffari, N Omidikia, C Ruckebusch
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Initialization Effects in Two-component Second‐order Multivariate Calibration with the Extended Bilinear Model
AC Olivieri, N Omidikia
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Sparse Non-Negative Multivariate Curve Resolution: L0, L1, or L2 norms?
N Omidikia, M Ghaffari, R Rajko
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In Vitro Apoptosis Evaluation and Kinetic Modeling onto Cyclodextrin-Based Host–Guest Magnetic Nanoparticles Containing Methotrexate and Tamoxifen
SMH Khorassani, F Ghodsi, H Arezomandan, M Shahraki, N Omidikia, ...
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Systematic investigation of the measurement error structure in a smartphone-based spectrophotometer
F Matinrad, M Kompany-Zareh, N Omidikia, M Dadashi
Analytica Chimica Acta, 2020
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