Gang LYU
Gang LYU
Andre navneG.Lyu, 吕纲
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
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Citeret af
Analysis and experiments for IGBT, IEGT, and IGCT in hybrid DC circuit breaker
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A Normally-off Copackaged SiC-JFET/GaN-HEMT Cascode Device for High-Voltage and High-Frequency Applications
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朱童, 余占清, 曾嵘, 吕纲, 陈政宇, 张翔宇, 赵宇明, 陈名, 黄瑜珑, ...
中国电机工程学报 36 (1), 18-30, 2016
温伟杰, 黄瑜珑, 吕纲, 余占清, 曾嵘, 刘卫东
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H Wang, R Zeng, C Zhuang, G Lyu, J Yu, B Niu, C Li
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2020 32nd International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs …, 2020
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Mechanism and novel structure for di/dt controllability in U-shaped channel silicon-on-insulator lateral IGBTs
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Simulation on transient characteristics of medium voltage DC distribution system
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IET Digital Library, 2016
10kV 自然换流型混合式直流断路器中真空电弧电流转移特性研究
吕纲, 曾嵘, 黄瑜珑, 陈政宇
中国电机工程学报 37 (4), 1012-1020, 2017
基于 IGCT 串联的 10kV 直流混合断路器研究
陈政宇, 余占清, 吕纲, 黄瑜珑, 曾嵘, 陈名, 赵宇明, 黎小林, 温伟杰, ...
中国电机工程学报 36 (2), 317-326, 2016
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