Alireza Farrokhi
Alireza Farrokhi
Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Birjand
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Citeret af
Efficient and recyclable novel Ni‐based metal–organic framework nanostructure as catalyst for the cascade reaction of alcohol oxidation–Knoevenagel condensation
S Aryanejad, G Bagherzade, A Farrokhi
Applied Organometallic Chemistry 32 (2), e3995, 2018
Solar-driven advanced oxidation process catalyzed by metal-organic frameworks for water depollution
MJMA Alireza Farrokhi
polyhedron 170, 325-333, 2019
Enhanced aqueous oxidation activity and durability of simple manganese (III) salen complex axially anchored to maghemite nanoparticles
A Rezaeifard, M Jafarpour, A Farrokhi, S Parvin, F Feizpour
RSC advances 6 (69), 64640-64650, 2016
A nanoscale Cu-metal organic framework with Schiff base ligand: Synthesis, characterization and investigation catalytic activity in the oxidation of alcohols
S Aryanejad, G Bagherzade, A Farrokhi
Inorganic Chemistry Communications 81, 37-42, 2017
{Mo72Fe30} Nanoclusters for the Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Degradation of Organic Dyes
Z Garazhian, A Rezaeifard, M Jafarpour, A Farrokhi
ACS Applied Nano Materials 3 (1), 648-657, 2019
Effects of water content on electrochemical capacitive behavior of nanostructured Cu3(BTC)2 MOF prepared in aqueous solution
AF E. Irandoost, H, Farsi
Electrochimica Acta, 137616, 2020
A Cooperative Effect in a Novel Bimetallic Mo-V Nanocomplex Catalyzed Selective Aerobic C-H Oxidation
AF Hasan Tavallaei, Maasoumeh Jafarpour, Fahimeh Feizpour, Abdolreza Rezaeifard
ACS Omega 4 (2), 3601-3610, 2019
Phosphonate-based metal organic frameworks as robust heterogeneous catalysts for TBHP oxidation of benzylic alcohols
A Farrokhi, M Jafarpour, R Najafzade
Catalysis Letters 147, 1714-1721, 2017
Visible-light driven catalase-like activity of blackberry-shaped {Mo 72 Fe 30} nanovesicles: combined kinetic and mechanistic studies
R Mokhtari, A Rezaeifard, M Jafarpour, A Farrokhi
Catalysis Science & Technology 8, 4645-4656, 2018
Elucidating the electronic structures of β-Ag 2 MoO 4 and Ag 2 O nanocrystals via theoretical and experimental approaches towards electrochemical water splitting and CO 2 reduction
A Zareie-Darmian, H Farsi, A Farrokhi, R Sarhaddi, Z Li
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23 (15), 9539-9552, 2021
The enhanced visible-light-induced photocatalytic activities of bimetallic Mn–Fe MOFs for the highly efficient reductive removal of Cr (vi)
Z Garazhian, A Farrokhi, A Rezaeifard, M Jafarpour, R Khani
RSC advances 11 (34), 21127-21136, 2021
Degradation of hazardous organic dyes with solar‐driven advanced oxidation process catalyzed by the mixed metal–organic frameworks
AM Farrokhi A., Feizpour F.
Applied Organometallic Chemistry, 2019
Supramolecular Hydrogen‐Bonded Frameworks from a New Bisphosphonic Acid and Transition Metal Ions
K Gholivand, A Reza Farrokhi
Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie 637 (2), 263-268, 2011
Magnetic Bisphosphonic Acid Nanohybrid Catalyzed Heterogeneous Synthesis of Heterocylcles
A Farrokhi, M Jafarpour, F Feizpour
ChemistrySelect 3 (4), 1234– 1241, 2018
Insight into the photocatalytic properties of phosphonate based metal–organic frameworks for reduction of Cr (VI) and Synergistic elimination of organic dyes under natural sunlight
AZM Alireza Farrokhi, Farzaneh Bivareh, Saeideh Dejbakhshpour
Appl. Organomet. Chem., e5938, 2020
Potentiometric and Thermodynamic Studies of Some Metal–Cysteine Complexes
E Ghiamati, F Sheikhani, A Farrokhi
Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 65 (2), 217-224, 2018
Environmentally benign synthesis of copper benzenetricarboxylic acid MOF as an electrocatalyst for overall water splitting and CO2 reduction
E Irandoost, H Farsi, A Farrokhi, NS Barekati, Z Li
ECS Advances 1 (2), 020501, 2022
Fe-MIL-101 modified by isatin-Schiff-base-Co: a heterogeneous catalyst for C–C, C–O, C–N, and C–P cross coupling reactions
M Rouzifar, S Sobhani, A Farrokhi, JM Sansano
New Journal of Chemistry 45 (42), 19963-19976, 2021
Highly selective and efficient oxidation of benzylic alcohols with sulfate radical over metal-organic frameworks
A Farrokhi, M Jafarpour, M Alipour
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 903, 120995, 2019
Performance of metal-organic framework as an excellent sorbent for highly efficient and sensitive trace determination of anthracene in water and food samples
R Khani, M Ghalibafan, A Farrokhi
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27, 26305-26314, 2020
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