Tonni Andersen
Tonni Andersen
Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding
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Adaptation of root function by nutrient-induced plasticity of endodermal differentiation
M Barberon, JEM Vermeer, D De Bellis, P Wang, S Naseer, TG Andersen, ...
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Plant Sterol Metabolism. Δ7-Sterol-C5-Desaturase (STE1/DWARF7), Δ5,7-Sterol-Δ7-Reductase (DWARF5) and Δ24-Sterol-Δ24-Reductase (DIMINUTO/DWARF1) Show …
D Silvestro, TG Andersen, H Schaller, PE Jensen
PloS one 8 (2), e56429, 2013
Localization of the glucosinolate biosynthetic enzymes reveals distinct spatial patterns for the biosynthesis of indole and aliphatic glucosinolates
SJ Nintemann, P Hunziker, TG Andersen, A Schulz, M Burow, BA Halkier
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Minimum requirements for changing and maintaining endodermis cell identity in the Arabidopsis root
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Upon bolting the GTR1 and GTR2 transporters mediate transport of glucosinolates to the inflorescence rather than roots
TG Andersen, BA Halkier
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Cytokinin promotes growth cessation in the Arabidopsis root
S Liu, S Strauss, M Adibi, G Mosca, S Yoshida, RD Ioio, A Runions, ...
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The endodermal passage cell–just another brick in the wall?
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Auxin-dependent acceleration of cell division rates regulates root growth at elevated temperature
H Ai, J Bellstaedt, KS Bartusch, L Eschen-Lippold, S Babben, GU Balcke, ...
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The Plant Journal 110 (3), 899-915, 2022
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