Phd Daniele Ventura
Phd Daniele Ventura
Department of Environmental Biology and Ecology, University of Rome "La Sapienza"
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Citeret af
A low-cost drone based application for identifying and mapping of coastal fish nursery grounds
D Ventura, M Bruno, GJ Lasinio, A Belluscio, G Ardizzone
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 171, 85-98, 2016
Mapping and classification of ecologically sensitive marine habitats using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) imagery and object-based image analysis (OBIA)
D Ventura, A Bonifazi, MF Gravina, A Belluscio, G Ardizzone
Remote Sensing 10 (9), 1331, 2018
Unmanned aerial systems (UASs) for environmental monitoring: A review with applications in coastal habitats
D Ventura, A Bonifazi, MF Gravina, GD Ardizzone
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D Ventura
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Assessment of the impact of salvaging the Costa Concordia wreck on the deep coralligenous habitats
E Casoli, D Ventura, L Cutroneo, M Capello, G Jona-Lasinio, R Rinaldi, ...
Ecological Indicators 80, 124-134, 2017
A massive ingression of the alien species Mytilus edulis L.(Bivalvia: Mollusca) into the Mediterranean Sea following the Costa Concordia cruise-ship disaster
E Casoli, D Ventura, MV Modica, A Belluscio, M Capello, M Oliverio, ...
Mediterranean Marine Science 17 (2), 404-416, 2016
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A Bonifazi, M Lezzi, D Ventura, S Lisco, F Cardone, MF Gravina
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Unusual algal turfs associated with the rhodophyta Phyllophora crispa: Benthic assemblages along a depth gradient in the Central Mediterranean Sea
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Statistical analysis of the distribution of infralittoral Cystoseira populations on pristine coasts of four Tyrrhenian islands: Proposed adjustment to the CARLIT index
GJ Lasinio, MA Tullio, D Ventura, G Ardizzone, N Abdelahad
Ecological Indicators 73, 293-301, 2017
Capitoline Dolphins: Residency Patterns and Abundance Estimate of Tursiops truncatus at the Tiber River Estuary (Mediterranean Sea)
DS Pace, C Di Marco, G Giacomini, S Ferri, M Silvestri, E Papale, E Casoli, ...
Biology 10 (4), 275, 2021
Reteporella spp. success in the re-colonization of bare coralligenous reefs impacted by Costa Concordia shipwreck: The pioneer species you did not expect
E Casoli, G Mancini, D Ventura, DS Pace, A Belluscio, GD Ardizzone
Marine Pollution Bulletin 161, 111808, 2020
Integration of close‐range underwater photogrammetry with inspection and mesh processing software: a novel approach for quantifying ecological dynamics of temperate biogenic reefs
D Ventura, SF Dubois, A Bonifazi, G Jona Lasinio, M Seminara, ...
Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation 7 (2), 169-186, 2021
Integration of presence‐only data from several sources: a case study on dolphins' spatial distribution
S Martino, DS Pace, S Moro, E Casoli, D Ventura, A Frachea, M Silvestri, ...
Ecography 44 (10), 1533-1543, 2021
Commercial catches and discards composition in the central Tyrrhenian Sea: a multispecies quantitative and qualitative analysis from shallow and deep bottom trawling
F Tiralongo, E Mancini, D Ventura, S De Malerbe, FP DE MENDOZA, ...
Mediterranean Marine Science 22 (3), 521-531, 2021
Perception of changes in marine benthic habitats: The relevance of taxonomic and ecological memory
MF Gravina, A Bonifazi, M Del Pasqua, J Giampaoletti, M Lezzi, D Ventura, ...
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MKH Ali, A Belluscio, D Ventura, G Ardizzone
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Impact of the Costa Concordia shipwreck on a Posidonia oceanica meadow: a multi-scale assessment from a population to a landscape level
G Mancini, E Casoli, D Ventura, G Jona-Lasinio, A Criscoli, A Belluscio, ...
Marine Pollution Bulletin 148, 168-181, 2019
Seagrass restoration monitoring and shallow-water benthic habitat mapping through a photogrammetry-based protocol
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Journal of Environmental Management 304, 114262, 2022
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C Toniolo, A Di Sotto, S Di Giacomo, D Ventura, E Casoli, A Belluscio, ...
Ecosphere 9 (3), e02054, 2018
Does morphology predict trophic niche differentiation? Relationship between feeding habits and body shape in four co-occurring juvenile species (Pisces: Perciformes, Sparidae)
D Ventura, V Bonhomme, P Colangelo, A Bonifazi, GJ Lasinio, ...
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 191, 84-95, 2017
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