Michael W. Friedrich
Michael W. Friedrich
Professor of Microbial Ecophysiology, University of Bremen, Dept. of Biology/Chemistry and MARUM
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Enhanced sensitivity of DNA‐and rRNA‐based stable isotope probing by fractionation and quantitative analysis of isopycnic centrifugation gradients
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Molecular analyses of the methane-oxidizing microbial community in rice field soil by targeting the genes of the 16S rRNA, particulate methane monooxygenase, and methanol …
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T Lueders, M Friedrich
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MW Friedrich
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K Ekschmitt, E Kandeler, C Poll, A Brune, F Buscot, M Friedrich, ...
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Shift from acetoclastic to H2-dependent methanogenesis in a West Siberian peat bog at low pH values and isolation of an acidophilic Methanobacterium strain
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MW Friedrich
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Sulfate-reducing microorganisms in wetlands–fameless actors in carbon cycling and climate change
M Pester, KH Knorr, MW Friedrich, M Wagner, A Loy
Frontiers in microbiology 3, 72, 2012
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