Alireza Taheri
Alireza Taheri
Andre navneAli Reza Taheri
Islamic Azad University, ilam branch,iran
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Citeret af
Nafion/Ni (OH) 2 nanoparticles-carbon nanotube composite modified glassy carbon electrode as a sensor for simultaneous determination of dopamine and serotonin in the presence …
A Babaei, AR Taheri
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 176, 543-551, 2013
Simultaneous determination of tryptophan, uric acid and ascorbic acid at iron (III) doped zeolite modified carbon paste electrode
A Babaei, M Zendehdel, B Khalilzadeh, A Taheri
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Nanomolar simultaneous determination of levodopa and serotonin at a novel carbon ionic liquid electrode modified with Co (OH) 2 nanoparticles and multi-walled carbon nanotubes
A Babaei, AR Taheri, M Aminikhah
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Nanomolar simultaneous determination of levodopa and melatonin at a new cobalt hydroxide nanoparticles and multi-walled carbon nanotubes composite modified carbon ionic liquid …
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Micro solid phase extraction of cadmium and lead on a new ion-imprinted hierarchical mesoporous polymer via dual-template method in river water and fish muscles: Optimization …
M Fattahi, E Ezzatzadeh, R Jalilian, A Taheri
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A multi-walled carbon nanotube-modified glassy carbon electrode as a new sensor for the sensitive simultaneous determination of paracetamol and tramadol in pharmaceutical …
A Babaei, AR Taheri, M Afrasiabi
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Voltammetric determination of dopamine at a zirconium phosphated silica gel modified carbon paste electrode
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Preparation and evaluation of magnetic core–shell mesoporous molecularly imprinted polymers for selective adsorption of amitriptyline in biological samples
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Highly sensitive simultaneous determination of L-dopa and paracetamol using a glassy carbon electrode modified with a composite of nickel hydroxide nanoparticles/multi-walled …
A Babaei, M Sohrabi, AR Taheri
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 698, 45-51, 2013
Ultrasonic-Assisted Micro Solid Phase Extraction of Arsenic on a New Ion-Imprinted Polymer Synthesized from Chitosan-Stabilized Pickering Emulsion in Water, Rice and Vegetable …
R Jalilian, M Shahmari, A Taheri, K Gholami
Ultrasonics sonochemistry 61, 104802, 2019
Simultaneous voltammetric determination of norepinephrine and folic acid at the surface of modified carbon nanotube paste electrode
AR Taheri, A Mohadesi, D Afzali, H Karimi-Maleh, HM Moghaddam, ...
International Journal of Electrochemical Science 6 (1), 171-180, 2011
A yolk shell Fe3O4@ PA-Ni@ Pd/Chitosan nanocomposite-modified carbon ionic liquid electrode as a new sensor for the sensitive determination of fluconazole in pharmaceutical …
ZR Zad, SSH Davarani, A Taheri, Y Bide
Journal of Molecular Liquids 253, 233-240, 2018
Ultrasensitive and selective non-enzymatic glucose detection based on pt electrode modified by carbon nanotubes@ graphene oxide/ nickel hydroxide-Nafion hybrid composite in …
S Mohammadi, A Taheri, Z Rezayati-Zad
Progress in Chemical and Biochemical Research 1 (1), 1-10, 2018
Synthesis and application of a novel core-shell-shell magnetic ion imprinted polymer as a selective adsorbent of trace amounts of silver ions
R Jalilian, A Taheri
e-Polymers 18 (2), 123, 2017
Highly selective solid phase extraction and preconcentration of Azathioprine with nano-sized imprinted polymer based on multivariate optimization and its trace determination in …
SSH Davarani, AR Taheri, N Rahmatian
Materials Science and Engineering: C 71, 572-583, 2017
A sensitive determination of acetaminophen in pharmaceutical preparations and biological samples using multi-walled carbon nanotube modified glassy carbon electrode
A Babaei, M Afrasiabi, S Mirzakhani, AR Taheri
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society 22, 344-351, 2011
Highly selective determination of amitriptyline using Nafion-AuNPs@ branched polyethyleneimine-derived carbon hollow spheres in pharmaceutical drugs and biological fluids
ZR Zad, SSH Davarani, AR Taheri, Y Bide
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 86, 616-622, 2016
Determination of Paraquat in Fruits and Natural Water using Ni (OH) 2 Nanoparticles-Carbon Nanotubes Composite Modified Carbon Ionic liquid Electrode
R Faramarzi, AR Taheri, M Roushani
Anal. Bioanal. Electrochem. 7 (6), 666-683, 2015
A novel self-assembled gold nanoparticles-molecularly imprinted modified carbon ionic liquid electrode with high sensitivity and selectivity for the rapid determination of …
R Jalilian, E Ezzatzadeh, A Taheri
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Application of selective solid-phase extraction using a new core-shell-shell magnetic ion-imprinted polymer for the analysis of ultra-trace mercury in serum of gallstone patients
F Abdollahi, A Taheri, M Shahmari
Separation Science and Technology 55 (15), 2758-2771, 2020
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